Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stott and Zumba

This morning I warmed up with an edited file by Group Rx which is similar to Les Mills type routines.  It was a perfect spark warm-up on the bungee.

Then I visited the standing flow routine on the Stott Zen-ga Flow which was a huge disappointment.  I chose no cuing because I cannot stand the cuing by the same instructor in previous Stott walking routines.  The moves did not match the bland music and were actually more bland than the music so not even going to try to salvage it with better music.  I have not visited even the edited Stott Walks in my private collection because visually this instructor with her constant turning to her background exercisers for affirmation or enthusiasm about boring moves grows old quickly.

Then I did some Zumba which I really enjoyed because of a no cuing option but will not even give the dvd title.  Ironically it was an OOP Zumba VHS given away with Special K cereal that was my first copyright strike on youtube.  Then an edited Stott walk was my second strike so I refuse to give either company free advertising.  Also do not buy anything from Google if I can avoid it, finding their customer service terrible.  I understand how BIG youtube is but they could have a sentient being reviewing their deleted youtube account appeals instead of just destroying months of work with a press of a button.  I received a third strike well after the 6th month period of the first strike for a song which was later allowed but I could not get my account reopened.  Google just does not give a damn about their customers and my account was bringing them lots of views so dumb business strategy.

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