Sunday, April 12, 2015

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I love editing workouts to remove moves I prefer to skip and to replace the audio with MUsic that makes me want to move or MUve.  I first started edited files in 2012 and even captured VHS footage with a dongle device for awhile.  Some were uploaded to my now deleted youtube account and some were not stored at all because I still could use the VHS.  Since then, not only did Google unfairly close my youtube account (long story),  I have I stopped using the dongle device after it locked up my laptop, damaged the Chrome browser and killed 2 vcrs.  Actually it was probably deteriorated VHS that damaged the vcrs. Fortunately, I still have a few working vcrs and all files I burned to dvdr play well in my DVD players.  Unfortunately, some files which were burned to dvdr do not work in the laptop that burned them so I cannot share them.    Maybe one day another dvd drive will allow me access.

This morning I did a few routines from a dvdr that my laptop will not open.   One was a Nia Brown Belt with Bollywood MUsic and the other was a Richard Simmons Pump & Sweat using an AirStepper with Peter, Paul and Mary MUsic.  I was loving the Nia with Carlos who has since retired and really enjoying the music during Pump& Sweat which works great on a rebounder or stability ball with various upper body movements but became sad realizing that nobody else would ever get the joy that these routines bring.  I was 13 years old when given my first Peter, Paul, and Mary album at my first boy&girl birthday party.    One of their songs was a favorite of mine when a senior in colleges.   You can say I grew up listening to Peter, Paul and Mary.  Now I can bounce to them.  I still have the MUsic on my laptop so will use them in the next Leslie I edit, realizing it was the MUsic that affected me, not the simple moves in Richard's Pump&Sweat

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