Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools

Today was the day of the dreaded doctor's office visit which was not as bad because the younger doctor seems much nicer than the older doctor.  My BP was elevated but he didn't even seem concerned and I did not lose any weight though I thought I had so that was disappointing. At least, I did not gain any weight and celebrating our son's and my recent birthdays did not help.  I will be able to see the lab results online which is a nice change.

He did suggest Red Rice Yeast but I explained I am only interested in keeping my HDL up and do not care what the other cholesterol results are.   I do not want anything interfering with the production of cholesterol or any other compounds in my body.  Red Rice Yeast can cause the same deficiencies and adverse side effects as a statin.  Cholesterol is not the enemy.

Before the office visit, I enjoyed some of an edited Daniel Barlett Low Impact Cardio routine:

The numbers are available.  Cholesterol levels were high as expected but the good news is that my HDL remained high too.   Otherwise everything else was pretty much unchanged except no Thyroid hormone results were given and I have a multi-cystic goiter.

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