Monday, April 8, 2013

Jessica, Javpel, GymRa, GU

This morning I did the Power Walk from Jessica's walking DVD, mostly on the bungee then I did some of Javpel's stability ball routines which had great music and good choreo which can be tweaked to holding a heavier Zumba stick instead of a ball, on and off the bungee.  Then I did some resistance band watching a video by GymRa but wound up doing my own thing to their music.  Finished with some Nia Global Unity which really opened my hips nicely.
I just realized I didn't use any of my own MUsic added for the first time in months???

JAVPEL Channel - YouTube

GymRa Fitness - YouTube

I do like Jessica's walking dvd much more than any Leslie Sansone but think she could have done even better so in spite of the beautiful scenery and decent music, I prefer her Living Room walking workouts for the variety of moves, especially with my own MUsic.  If I were to do her DVD routines with my own MUsic, I would probably do alot of tweaking to make it more interesting.
One of the best moves was near the end of the Power Walk so I had already started waning in interest.  Some moves were repeated just too much and were too similar. The V steps always started with the right side.  Luckily, I can do my own thing to work both sides equally and make the routine more interesting.  The background exerciser showing lower intensity modifications pretty much did the same exact move throughout the workout and may as well been walking with Leslie.

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