Monday, April 1, 2013

Ellen Ballet Pilates

A couple on the internet offered to share a video file of Ellen Barrett's Ballet Pilates which I am uploading to youtube.  Hopefully, I will do some of it this morning using my HDTV youtube app.
This is not an April Fool's joke!!!  LOL

Also there is a new daily checkin on VF for Jessica Smith.

This morning I started with the standing portion of Ellen Barrett's Ballet Pilates which I had uploaded to youtube.  Then I finally started to revisit Jessica's new dvds and did the first half of Cardio Flow then switched to her Sunset Walk to which I had added Broadway MUsic and did some on the bungee, some sitting on a stability ball and some standing on the floor holding Fitstix.
Jessica's Living Room workouts to which I added MUsic have been my favorite routines for a few months now and remain so which is very odd because I never stuck with the same style for nearly so long.

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