Saturday, April 6, 2013

Manba, Doonya and Jessica

This morning I tried a few Manba videos on youtube which were surprisingly good on the bungee.  The moves are powerful functional moves and the music decent and Manba had a fun vibe to it.  I even went  breathless a few times.
Manba videos are on youtube at dancelikeaman's channel - YouTube

Then I did some Doonya cardio on the bungee and really enjoyed the moves and the music.

 Finished with Jessica downloads to which I had added MUsic (some Dance Walk and some Cardio Core Flow), doing my bungee, stability ball, floor, and Fitstix tweaking.  Even held both heavier Zumba stix for alittle more intensity for awhile.  Really enjoyed everything.

I think I found a solution that will make Jessica's audio better for most systems in her future Living Room routines.  :::Fingers Crossed:::

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