Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Center Moves, Bootcamp, JS Toning and Sunset Walks

This morning I started with a revisit of Balletone's Center Moves and really enjoyed the change of pace. Then I visited a youtube video of an old Armed Forces vhs to which I had added Music and really enjoyed the bootcamp style cardio and music, using the bungee, stability ball and Fitstix.
Finally I visited two of Jessica's routines to which I had added MUsic.  I used Fitstix for her Toning Walk cardio and my heavier Zumba stix for when she used dumb bells.  Did some of the strength sitting on the ball. Then I cooled down on the bungee and stability ball to her Sunset Walk part 3 which had music by Queen.  I was still sweating during the cooldown.
There is no doubt about it, adding the stability ball has helped to keep my hips and lower back loose.  As soon as I feel the area getting tight, I sit on the ball and bounce alittle then settle into wide plies.  Hear alot of creaking and cracking going on in the joints but it definitely loosens the area for me LOL
Now that I am using a stability ball more, I am reminded that it has the same GForce effect when using weights so am careful not to aggravate my shoulder as I have in the past.

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