Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Michelle and Nia

This morning I did the first block from Michelle Dozois Peakfit Challenge Anywhere routine, starting on the floor then using the bungee for the higher impact moves. I switched to the stability ball during pushups to do wide plies on the ball.  Then I did more of Nia's Global Unity.  May do something Jessica later.

Remember if you want to make a donation to Jessica's youtube channel jessicasmithtv:
Donate « Jessica Smith

I will be making a donation as soon as I receive a replacement credit card because the card I used most often has been replaced.

I didn't sleep well last night because of a tech problem.  Out of the blue, my laptop dvd drive stopped burning dvdrs.  Otherwise it plays fine.   Someone online described exactly the same problem and fixed it with a dvd drive cleaning kit from Dollar Tree so I will give that a try.  Otherwise may ask a new neighbor who builds pcs for help.  May need a new dvd drive.  Right now I am trying to burn a much smaller  set of files using Windows DVD Maker to see what happens but it is taking forever to encode.

Problems solved
I recommend downloading the newest Freemake Video Converter (v4.0) from
I accepted the Microsoft Search Engine and Home Page without any annoying advertising probably since I use Chrome as my browser. I did reject the offer of a third party program Shield download and haven't installed any of the Gold Pack features.  I believe you must accept both of the Microsoft programs to get the 4.0 version of Freemake Video converter.  Otherwise, it may not install.
Anywho, I burned a dvdr successfully and can now download videos from youtube which previously gave download error messages so I am back in business :)

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