Saturday, April 13, 2013


So I tried to burn a bunch of files with Freemake Video Converter, thinking my problem was solved because I did a successful burn after reinstalling it but it failed again. Also I am frustrated that Freemake will download many youtube videos but not all of them, including Jessica's latest Dance (Disco) Walk. I am going to bite the bullet and download their newest version with the ads.  If it works better, I'll then uninstall the advertising extras.  Otherwise will uninstall the whole program and go back to a previous version.

I did make a donation to Jessica's Living Room youtube channel and feel empathy for her because she is having technical problems herself and striving to please everyone.  I only have to please myself.

So I just downloaded and installed Freemake Video Converter from
Now I am attempting a similar burn but I did convert the MP4 files to WMV because I may be using Windows DVD Maker if unsuccessful.  Ironically, the software I had to accept was by Microsoft (Bing search engine and MS homepage) but the only change I saw so far is that VLC is my default player instead of Windows Media Player??
The other stuff may not show up till I reboot.
(note: I didn't accept the third party Shield software)

ETA:  The dvdr seemed to have burned successfully.
BUT will not know if it can burn MP4 files like it used to till I try future burns.

BUT I can now download Jessica's Dance Walk from youtube with Freemake Video Converter!
Both problems solved :)

After avoiding to accept the search engine and home page changes from Microsoft with the newest Freemake Video Converter download, I have finally caved and found downloading and installing Freemake Video Converter 4.0 was a simple solution for all of my tech problems.  However, I haven't installed any of the Gold Pack features which may or may not bring more advertising demands.
(note: maybe using Chrome as my browser avoided some advertising)

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