Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Big John, Stott, and Jessica

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to a couple of *Big John* Zumba tunes found on youtube then used the bungee, stability ball, gliding disks and Fitstix with a Stott walking routine which had MUsic added. The MUsic was called *Rock1* by another VFer.  Next I did the second half of Jessica's Total Body Balance Cardio Flow and the upright portion of Core Stretch.  Both felt great.

I did numbers 16 and 17 from Big John's channel:
john drury - YouTube

I cannot share any of the Stott because a similar video got me a second strike on youtube.  I am still sharing some of my music added videos through dropbox with folks who helped me to increase my capacity.  I cannot share these dropbox routines publicly because there is a limit on the traffic with free dropbox accounts and no point uploading them to filemail for just 10 downloads and 3 days. Dropbox enables downloading, deleting and restoring very nicely. It even enables almost 15 minutes of play for any video without downloading. Now that I have experienced the free Dropbox account, I do like it more than a free occasional filemail..  If you want an invitation to my Dropbox, email

I am still very much into MUving with Jessica but am trying to use some other routines like this Zumba Stability ball channel:
JAVPEL Channel - YouTube

ETA: If you install Dropbox after getting an invitation and want something of mine uploaded and shared, just let me know!!!

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