Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hell Froze Over

I actually didn't include any Jessica Smith this morning!

First I warmed up on the bungee to the rest of Jane Fonda's Favorite Fat Burners VHS.  Then I did some youtube Fitness Blender Standing Abs to which I had added MUsic and also did a few sets sitting on the stability ball.  Original video:

Next I did the weighted ball routine and a few of the plies from the second workout on Benadette's Attitude dvd.  Finished with some youtube Qigong to which I added MUsic, one routine of which really seemed to help loosen my lower back and hip area.  Original routine here:

The youtube videos above allowed embedding and to the best of my knowledge aren't being sold.
My full length transformed videos are for my private use only without any economic gains for myself or economic losses for their copyright owners.

ETA: Just got back from a nice 2 mile walk with the family to a nearby supermarket which was extra vigorous for me because I used my walking poles.

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