Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jen, Jessica and GU

This morning I did the first block of intervals from Jen Edwards' Sweat More dvd, doing the higher impact moves on the bungee and using a heavier Zumba stick for the single weight.  I liked that there were single weight moves and standing cardio.  Each cardio move was done for just 45 seconds and each weighted move for 30 seconds, giving the style a similar feel to Annie Mairs Fierce Force.  The only thing missing for me was motivating MUsic so I will be adding my own.
Cardio was hooks with jumping jacks and weighted moves were side lunges with rows and leg lifts with rows. I preferred doing a triceps extension for the second set of leg lifts. Each interval was done 3 times but I only did 2 sets.  Warmup was just OK.  Maybe adding music will make it more fun.

Then I did the standing part of Jessica's new Strong Stretch which was a nice routine except the music was a bit soft.  Jessica's voice comes out of the left speaker and soft music from the right.  Combining the 2 tracks into mono when downloading gave nice cuing but soft music so will be adding my own over the cuing track to keep the cues.

Finished with some Nia's Global Unity and found it very compatible with the stability ball!

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