Saturday, April 27, 2013

What's a Vidiot to Do??

I spent the last couple of days in AC and for the first time in my 43 years of playing slot machines, I hit a jackpot that needed a handpay and IRS tax form signing!  So now I have a nice sum of money that I want to reinvest into something special.  At first, I thought BELLICON bungee which is about $900 for the largest size.  Then reason took over reminding myself that I am quite content with my JumpSport bungee.
So now I am considering replacing our ancient family pc which has been limping along.  Totally confused whether to go  laptop with a touch screen even though both my son and I have functioning 17" laptops or a desk top with more bang for the buck or an All-In-One.   I think my husband would enjoy a touch screen because he never mastered using a mouse.  Really do not need a huge screen because our HDTV will be near enough to it for streaming through a HDMI.

Guess I will wait and see how my burning issues with my laptop progress before deciding.  Freemake support suggested I download their newest version which I thought I just did but there is already a newer one than mine.

I just downloaded Freemake Video Converter v4.0.1.0 which was released two days ago on 4/25.  It downloaded and installed even though I rejected all extra stuff.  Now they try to get you to accept the default search, webpage, and toolbar from Entrusted instead of Microsoft plus that Shield software.
May try a burn tomorrow to test it.

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