Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Revisiting Old Favorites

This morning I did some Fitstix *Fusion* then some of the March Basic4 TaeBo TV Pay-Per-View shown many years ago, both of which had replaced audio.  Personally, I need the audio replacement on both of these to keep engaged.

Mostly, I used the bungee but did do the last few minutes of each on the stability ball.  I was enjoying the Fitstix routines but had to drop the Fitstix when my left thumb became numb.  My wrists have a congenital anomaly similar to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but more complex.  My right wrist had surgery over 30 years ago but I never got the left wrist done.  The movements were just as good without holding anything so I highly recommend the Fitstix routines as a walking alternative.  The routines are much better than those I have tried from various drumming type workouts.
For some of the TB, I donned my ShadowBoxer belt which didn't affect my thumb so now I am reconsidering buying those expensive walking XCOs to have a sliding filler weight with handles.  No worries, I will come to my senses long before ordering a pair.

Some Fitstix DVDs and  products are still available but the TaeBoTV Pay-Per-Views are just about impossible to find.  Most of mine were recorded on VHS though I did use my capture device to rip some of them and then uploaded a few to my previous youtube channel which unfortunately got deleted, even though I have no clue why I received the third strike for a song.  It is so sad that workouts cannot have better music because of archaic copyright laws.  So many outstanding OOP workouts also go unshared because of these archaic laws.  Too bad a composer into exercise cannot toss a hat into the ring.

(just wanted to warn anyone interested in Fitstix Fusion,  I believe they were only released on dvdr, not on a pressed DVD.  There are some used copies quite cheap on Amazon).

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Older Wiser and Wonderful Cardio Sample

Sue Grant has given me permission to share a sample from her Older Wiser and Wonderful DVD series.  I didn't think the other clips already online showed enough of her scenario style with varied functional moves.   Her routines work with my replaced audio soundtracks nicely but her cuing actually is quite creative compared to most workout videos.  Since the music in workout dvds is limited, enjoying the cuing can be a very rare occurrence when doing a workout.  Besides giving tips, her cuing makes the routines more fun.
Anywho here is a sample showing many of her moves from her various scenarios.

 I tried to make the sample as small as possible for sharing in an email so the visual quality suffered a bit.
The sample is from her Level 4 cardio routine which combines levels one, two and three.

Of course, I will mostly be visiting the routines with my music added but will actually be visiting the original routines for their cuing too, especially when sitting on a stability ball to make the routine feel completely different.  I have done these routines exclusively for several days now and still find them fresh and enjoyable.  They are fun, feel good, and have a no dread factor.

I am definitely adding some of her routines to my LG840 because I think the routines with cuing will work nicely in my hotel room. ;)

Sue's DVDS can be purchased from most vendors as well as directly from her website:

Wonderful MUving

This morning I did the level 4 Cardio from Older Wiser and Wonderful to which I added some of my favorite tunes and did the whole almost 40 minutes on the bungee without stopping which is rare for me to stay interested that long.  Then I did some of Fitstix Fusion with MUsic added while sitting on the stability ball and look forward to doing more of it tomorrow.  How embarrassing that it took me 14 months to revisit it!  Those tunes will be playing in my head the rest of the day LOL

Monday, April 28, 2014

Still MUving Wonderful

This morning I did the my MUsic added to Cardio 3 from the Older Wiser and Wonderful Level 3-4 DVD on the bungee then did some of the original cuing from level 4 while sitting on a stability ball.   I think this is an excellent way to really use these dvds for me (MUsic on bungee and Cuing on Ball).   Her cuing with scenarios reminds me alot of John Abdo's Walks but these use more functional movements.  They feel better and are more fun than any Leslie Walks. Simple to follow yet still sweating when doing these Older and Wiser routines too :)

Between Jessica's youtube and dvd routines and these Older and Wiser routines, I can be very happy just doing them for months but I am going to try revisiting FitStix Fusion to alternate with them.

I did some searching online and decided to buy Sue Grant's Much Older and Wiser DVD because the cardio looked like the kind I liked in her Older Wiser and Wonderful dvds and the strength uses a band.  I'm skipping her other two because one does the strength sitting on the floor and the other looks like old school low impact aerobics.

ETA:  Here is a description of just the cardio warmup from the Older Wiser and Wonderful DVDs
The warmup starts with a Mambo in three different directions: one foot moving forwards and back then the foot moving sideways with both feet facing forward then with a rotation of the moving  foot pointing to the side while the other foot stays pointing forward.   Arms are added to move in the same direction of the moving foot. Each side is done separately.   Then when repeated, the arms move in the opposite direction of the moving foot.  The result is a nice warmup, lubricating all of the major joints without any strain.

The beginning of this clip from totalfitnessdvds demonstrates the side Mambo with the arms going in the same direction of the moving foot then the opposite direction:

For more information, Sue Grant's website provides a description and some clips of all of her dvds

ETA Sparks:
Besides a 2 mile walk outside I did some of the Cardio Core Flow on jessicasmithtv

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Still MUving Wiser

This morning I did the (MUsic Added) Older and Wiser Cardio Level 2, Strength Levels 3-4 and finished with the separate Cooldown Stretch.  I really like these routines and find them different from anything else in my huge collection.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Older, Wiser and definitely Wonderful

This morning I started visiting the Older, Wiser and Wonderful routines with MUsic added and have to say I really love these routines!!  I enjoy the separate warmup, cardio warmup, cardio moves, and both strength routines.  I really didn't need to add MUsic to each cardio routine because the moves do overlap BUT this way I have lots of MUsic variety making each routine feel alittle differently.  So I decided to add more MUsic to the two strength routines.  Level 1-2 is perfect for when I just want to move a bit and Level 3-4 is a nice AWT routine.

All routines are totally do-able, without too many reps, and floor moves to skip.  Most moves are easily tweaked on the bungee.  All joints get lubricated without getting stressed.  Surprisingly, I sweat.  Not much more needed from a workout than what these deliver.  These are no dread routines, much like many on jessicasmithtv.

(If you want to give these a try and tight on $$, skip the level 1-2 DVD and just get the level 3-4 DVD)

Friday, April 25, 2014


Just got back from another winning AC trip and we saw somebody had taken one of our side view mirror covers!!  Do not even know which parking lot it happened in to report the theft.  Really why are some people such creeps?   Ironically to replace the cover would cost about what we won but since it is just cosmetic, we decided not to replace the cover because it may just get stolen again.

Just did some of this as a spark and it was delicious

Yoga Dance Afro MU by POMBarb
It is also great in Russian on youtube.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Older, Wiser and Wonderful

This morning I did some of the cardio from all 4 levels of the 2 Older Wiser and Wonderful DVDS.  Each cardio has a similar warmup and cooldown in addition to the same separate warm up and cooldown stretch on both DVDS.  Level 2 has the same footage as level 1's plus about 10 minutes more of different scenarios.  Level 3 and 4 have a similar but slightly different cardio warmup as Levels 1 and 2 but 3 then has different scenarios for 16 minutes than what is found on the Levels 1-2 DVD.   Levels 4 has the same as Level 3 then adds in the different scenarios found on Level 2.

I also did alittle of the two strength routines which seem to be different footage, making the Levels 1-2 dvd worthwhile for the sale price and free shipping since all of the cardio is in Level 4.

What surprised me most was how much I sweated!
The time went by quickly and the cuing gave different scenarios.  The music was ok but didn't really match the routines as well as it could have.  I will probably prefer my MUsic added routines but may revisit the cuing now and then for the cardio scenarios.

ETA: My new larger micro SD card arrived today so I put the level 4 cardio and level one strength on my phone so I can do these routines when away from home :)

Monday, April 21, 2014


Something funky happened to my upper right arm last night making it very painful.  It was similar to what happened to my left arm in the past but much more intense.  Luckily a night time Advil and Arnica gel seemed to fix it but I was still cautious during my workout this morning.

I did the other parts with different MUsic of Jessica's Cardio Ball Blast then the rest of the edited Kathy Smith Ultimate Sculpt.  Finished with a bit of some youtube vids but nothing worth mentioning.  I really like the functional moves in the Jessica and Kathy routines and hope the new dvds on their way to me from Mary's Easter sale have even more functional moves.

There's a bunch of stuff around the house I want to do but will rest my arm just in case whatever caused the pain last night has not healed completely.

Sparks ETA:
My new Older and Wiser levels 1-2 and 3-4 dvds arrived!  I did the warmup and cooldown Stretch which I believe are identical on both dvds.  The moves are definitely different than any other style with an emphasis on moving in all directions.  Since the cuing didn't bother me with its pleasant music and offered some useful tips, I will be doing the warmup and Stretch with the original audio.  It is sad that many exercisers will ignore these dvds because they believe they will be watered down for the Aged instead of very well designed for all bodies.

Each dvd seems to have the same 6 minute warmup and 15 minute cooldown stretch.  The Levels 1-2 DVD has a level 1 cardio, level 2 cardio and Strength & Balance chapter which I believe are not identical to the those on the Levels 3-4 DVD though some moves may be duplicated.

Another Spark ETA:
an outdoor school walk :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bunch of Edited Vids

This morning I started with an edited version of the jessicasmithtv Cardio Ball Blast.  Actually, I had edited two versions, one with Amazon free MUsic and another with Gangsta type MUsic.  The first halves can be done off the bungee but the bouncier parts in the second halves are better on the bungee.  Tomorrow I plan to revisit the halves I had only done once.

Then I started doing more of the neglected files burned on to the same dvdr and found many treasures.  I especially lurved the MUsic added Tai Chi Stretch from Kathy Smith's Kickboxing routine.  Also the Kathy Smith Rejuvenation (AWT) Strength routine with Bollywood MUsic added.  I was also enjoying TamiLee Webb's Tighter Assets with MUsic from the musical Kinky Boots but unfortunately the file kept freezing :(

ETA Sparks:
Outside school Walk
some TA
first half MoonBodies Core Ballet (very nice!)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bunch of Vids

This morning I did a bunch of vids.
As a warmup, I did a nice standing abs routine:

Also liked some jump rope stuff with Hamelin D'abell done on the bungee with an imaginary rope.

Another new find was MoonBodiesFitness:

What I enjoyed most was the Michelle Dozois BodyFit360 after removing the moves I prefer to skip.

Finished with some Tracy Anderson while sitting on a stability ball.

ETA Sparks:
I did two outside school walks today and this routine to which I had added neat MUsic

Friday, April 18, 2014

More youtubes

The edited Denise Austin Classic was a perfect bungee warmup for me
Original video:

Then a Paul Eugene's Hi Lo was great on the bungee as well:

Then an edited Ryan Raw Kettlebell Abs routine which had some unique moves
Original video:

Then some of Keira's Calypso routine with fun moves on the bungee or ball:

Finished with more Tracy Anderson.

ETA Spark:
I did some of this edited Cardio Ball Blast from jessicasmithtv while holding a homemade XCO trainer instead of a ball, standing then sitting on a stability ball:

JS Cardio Ball Blast with MU by POMBarb
Fabulous routine!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Edited youtube videos

This morning I did a bunch of edited video files listed below:

DA Country
My version hooked me using *Done* by Band Perry for the first song
Just mute this video

and play *Done* in another tab

PopSugar Dance
(some great bungee moves)
I really enjoyed the music I had added but decided to redo the PopSugar routine, leaving out the ballet and using different MUsic.

Herbalife Samantha Clayton Boxing and Band routines
(Great for Boxing with Fitstix on bungee or ball)
(Band routine short and sweet)

Finished with another Tracy Anderson routine.

Today's sparks were a 2 mile walk around town and some Healthy Qigong

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hamelin, Jessica and Tracy

This morning I started with some of Hamelin's AISII to which I had added MUsic.  The moves were very repetitious so I tweaked them to make them more fun, mostly on the bungee.  Then I did some of the edited Ectomorph routine from jessicasmithtv.  Finished with some Tracy Anderson's core and upper body moves, mostly while sitting on the stability ball and without weights because the movements seemed too fast for weights.
My right shoulder had been bothering me the past couple of days but seemed better after the workout!

Spark ETA:
Today's spark was some of BellyFit Spirit.
I am finding having routines available through my lap top a real easy option for sparks instead of bothering with a dvd..

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nice MUsic Added Routines

This morning I did a few routines to which I had added MUsic.   First up were 3 Bollywood type routines then a Dreambody routine which used gliding discs then a band.  Lastly, a PrayFit Legs routine.  After doing the above, I did the BollyFit cardio with MUsic only.

Here's a sample of my edited Bollywood style clips:

The original routines can be found on Cindy Brauer's youtube channel (AKA: Mojo Fitness)

Prayfit Legs original routine:

Yesterday afternoon, I did more of Jessica's (youtube) Belly and Thigh Walk with MUsic added.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bell Peppers in Microwave

I had some leftover Marinara sauce that I wanted to add some cooked bell peppers to for a Spanish omelette sauce so tried to microwave a small amount of raw chopped bell pepper and saw and smelled fire!  Never knew but seems like lots of folks experienced a similar event.  Microwave is fine and even the burnt peppers are safe to eat but now I know to be careful when heating small amounts of bell peppers. This arcing can happen with carrots and yams too.

This morning before the excitement, I did more of the edited 10 minute Solutions Butt Lift.  One of the moves did trigger my hip twinge but Arnica gel and other moves helped to undo the damage.  This routine has some great moves in it and the MUsic I added was perfect.  Finished with the last instructional chapter of BollyFit and its Cooldown which was a nice combination.   Bollyfit is fun and easy to tweak but probably not worth its high pricetag but it was a birthday gift to myself and I did enjoy it and plan to visit the cardio without cuing.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Still BollyFitting

This morning I did an edited routine which was originally Gaiam's Buff Moms Cardio Breeze then more BollyFit and alittle of an edited version of 10 minute Solutions Buttlift.

I am enjoying BollyFit chapter by chapter with alittle tweaking on the bungee and it does get my heartrate up.

Spark ETA:
Besides an outside school walk, I did 14 minutes of the jessicasmithtv Belly and Thigh Walk to which I played music by Green Day.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Great Routines!

I really enjoyed everything I did today :)
Yesterday I had a new weird foot pain but found I could still workout painfree with shoes.
First up was the Dakidissa Jumping Jacks routine to which I had added MUsic:
I did most of it on the bungee and a few minutes on the stability ball.
Original at

Then I did another instructional chapter from the BollyFit DVD on the bungee.

Then I did my edited file of the *8 minute legs* uploaded last week to jessicasmithtv.

Last but not least was this nice Bradford Mathod routine which seemed similar to BodyFit360:

actually I only did 6 minutes after editing out the mat moves LOL
However I did keep the cuing and nice music.

ETA Spark:
While waiting for the new jessicasmithtv upload today, I saw a 13minute Standing Abs routine that looked new to me so I downloaded it and added MUsic and did it as a spark with my homemade XCO trainer (Lays potato chip can partially filled with rock salt).
Here's the original:

Ironically the new upload was mat abs which I do not do.
My core is talking to me now...
Just hope it isn't screaming tomorrow.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Absolutely Delicious

Not talking about food but talking about a very satisfying routine.
I found Yoga Dance on youtube quite awhile ago which is in a Foreign language:

and I liked it.

Finally added African MUsic to it today and lurved it!
Will be happy to share the result privately.
May upload it if I get the creator's permission.

Flat Abs Walk and BollyFit

This morning I intended to do just the second half of my edited Flat Abs Walk from Jessica's Walk On Tone Your Troubled Zones DVD but the first song (Happy) kidnapped me so I did the whole routine.  Then I did just the Big Love chapter from BollyFit and really enjoyed it.  That chapter is a perfect 10 minute spark.  Most of both routines were done on the bungee.

I think our son likes my LG840 just alittle too much after seeing he could listen to youtube outside in our yard on our FIOS wifi while reading and even watch videos if not reading.  I offered to download MP3 files from youtube to a spare Tracfone which supposedly makes a great MP3 player but he is resistant to listening to downloaded files instead of youtube live :(

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jessica's Tone Your Troubled Zones

This morning I did my edited video of Jessica's *Buns and Thighs Walk* on her new Walk On Tone Your Troubled Zones DVD.
My workout today may have been more challenging because I was constantly getting on and off the bungee to check the videos I was recording with my LG840G Tracfone.

At first Jessica was going to release this DVD only through a digital download but thankfully, she listened to her fans and offered the routines on a DVD.  It is available on DVD or as a Digital Download.  I suggest getting it in the triple DVD set offer:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Using MUsic

There are all sorts of ways to do a workout routine with different MUsic.

Of course, I prefer to replace the MUsic before burning the new combination to dvdr so I can use it in my basement with surround sound and my bungee without lugging the laptop down 2 flights of stairs. If I just wanted to use my laptop, I can play any video with the volume lowered and any music either from media files or even by streaming either or both online.  I play music with a VLC player and videos with Windows Media Player or I can play 2 youtube videos simultaneously (one for its music) or play a youtube video while playing my own music, etc.  I plan to do more sparks with the laptop throughout the day this way :)

Anywho this morning was more Jessica Walk Ons which I am really enjoying.
Started with the second half of the edited Dance Walk then did the second half of the original lower body and finished with the second half of the original Dance Walk while sitting on a ball.  It was interesting to compare the second half of Dance Walk with my edited and the original soundtracks.  They felt completely different!

 Here's a bit of Jessica's Dance Walk done bouncing on a stability ball after replacing the audio with free music from Amazon:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

BAK and MP3 Sharing

We had alittle AC break and while away, I noticed my right knee and hip were fine but the joints were right back to whining after returning home so I figured it was my desk chair.  I was ready to order one of those stability ball chairs when I decided to improvise and took the Met RX ball which is too small for sitting and inserted it into an upside down Firm stool and voila, it is now the perfect height and more stable than just a large stability ball.  If the ball breaks, it'll be just one less unnecessary ball lying around.

This morning I did just routines from Jessica's new walking DVDs.  The first half of her edited Dance Walk (great MUsic added!) then the first half of her original lower body walk (may make a MP3 to do with the cuing in AC) then the second half of the edited Latin Dance while bouncing on a stability ball.  I picked up my purple Zumba stix for some extra upper body too.

If anyone wants just the MP3 files I have used with routines, let me know!
You can play your video on mute or softly while playing my MUsic.
(If you have Freemake Video converter, you can add my long MP3 files to any video file)

Here's a filemail of some songs I strung together for a Leslie walking routine
each file is about 12 minutes good for about a one mile walk

For an example I played this jessicasmithtv youtube routine muted while playing the second MP3 file downloaded from the filemail.

I was able to do the routine in a small space right in front of my laptop with the youtube video streaming to full screen.  Since I have my audio going from my laptop through speakers, the audio was just as good as workingout in my basement with surround sound to a dvdr.  My laptop 17 inch screen played the video better than my cheap tv plays the burned in mobile quality videos!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

BollyFit and Flat Abs Walk

I received the BollyFit dvd yesterday and really like its energy.  However, the chaptering is really messed up. When choosing *Play All*, it just shows the warmup then instructions for the first cardio segment then skips right to the full routines without anymore instructions for each routine.  The *Play All* video file is just 49 minutes including 2 guided meditations.  If I do each cardio chapter including the instructional segments and dances, it is more like 55 minutes excluding meditations!

Ripping the dvd whether with Handbrake or Freemake Video Converter yields the *Play All*.  The dvd is supposed to have 91 minutes but everything after 49 minutes is blank.  I can get the same footage with Music only by choosing the second soundtrack with Freemake.
However, the only way to rip the full instruction segments is by linking the VTS files so folks who like to rip their dvds to stream from a device, hard drive or stick are out of luck doing the rip simply with Handbrake.

OK so I did about 3 of the full chapters after the warmup then switched back to Jessica to finish, doing the first half of the edited Flat Abs Walk.  Again adding MUsic brought the routine to life.

Friday, April 4, 2014

New Jessicas

This morning I did the first half of Jessica's original Dance Walk (Walk On Dance Walk DVD) and saw I could follow it quite well with just the cuing so got the idea of ripping it to a MP3 then copying it onto my new LG840.  It worked!!!!  I can now play the file when in AC to have a workout in the hotel room :)
I could have actually copied the whole video on to the phone too but since the screen is so tiny, I figured I'd use way less space when storing and power when playing this way.

Next I did the first half of the edited Latin Dance Walk and found it alot more fun on the bungee than the original audio.   The MUsic I had added made a huge difference.

Finished with the first half of the original Flat Belly Walk (Walk On Troubled Zones DVD).  The warmup with original audio was nothing special but I started to really like the moves at the 10 minute mark.

While playing with my laptop and phone connection, I also added an edited QiGong stretching video to the phone for AC.   More importantly, I was able to take a photo of my medicare card with the phone so I could print it onto a letter to our insurance company notifying them I only have Part A which needed updating in their system.

OK so I did do one dumb thing recently.  I forgot to include the 10OFF code when ordering BollyFit from TotalFitnessDVDs.  Will NOT forget next time!  Off to preview BollyFit which just arrived :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Latin Dance Walk

This morning I did Jessica Smith's Walk On Latin Dance Walk.  I liked the moves but found the music very bland so will be adding my own MUsic.  Peeked at the second routine and liked the looks and sound of it much more so may try some of it later today.  Right now I feel a bit drained because a dear friend has passed.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Tracfone

Another day of doing edited Huckabee PowerFits and Hamelin :)

Recently I got a refurbished LG840G from Tracfone (cost only ~$10) and have been playing with it.  The original browser is limited but does enable me to access Gmail and Facebook using WIFI as well as Youtube.  I tried the UC Browser but actually preferred the original browser.  I may eventually install Opera mini.  All of my Tracfone units and service time transferred online without any problems.

My previous 2 transactions with Tracfone needed help from their Executive Resolutions reps.   The first problem was transferring my husband's service to another phone when he no longer could hear audio on the other end of a phonecall.  His *new* phone had the wrong sim card number associated with it even though it arrived with the sim card already inserted.  Once the Executive Resolutions rep realized the error, it was quickly resolved.  Facebook and regular Tracfone customer reps were useless and only added to my frustration.
The second problem was transferring my son's units and service to my old phone after we decided to let his phone become inactive.  The problem got resolved nicely through an email to and phonecall from Executive Resolutions after the Facebook and regular Customer reps were again useless.  After several minutes of providing them with information, they were only going to give me 60 units of the 2500 prepaid units!  I had kept regular records of the parameters needed to assure those purchased units which were bought and never used with active service days for 10 years.
So I never expected the upgrade to the LG840 to go as smoothly as it did LOL
Now I am a very happy Tracfone customer ... as long as Executive Resolutions continues to exist.

I only use the phone a couple of days a month so I do not want to load it with apps I really do not need since my laptop is more functional when at home.  However, I think the LG840 video camera does a better job than my laptop webcam so I may record some of my workouts with it.

Today my data cable arrived from China (cost only ~$3).  I have already transferred a video taken with the phone to my laptop and have already transferred a video downloaded from Youtube from my laptop to play on the phone thanks to Freemake after converting the video to the right size (Mobile quality) so I can watch the video on the phone without WIFI or data charges.  The phone recorded video will play on my Windows laptop players but without sound and can be converted by Freemake to MP4 to include the recorded sound or I can just add my own music right to the video from the camera with Windows Live Movie Maker.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Still H&H

Todays workout was pretty much the same as yesterday's but with slightly different moves and different MUsic.

ETA: Last evening I ordered the two new Jessica Smith Walk On dvds which had just arrived!
Finally found something for a belated 65th birthday gift for myself :)