Monday, April 21, 2014


Something funky happened to my upper right arm last night making it very painful.  It was similar to what happened to my left arm in the past but much more intense.  Luckily a night time Advil and Arnica gel seemed to fix it but I was still cautious during my workout this morning.

I did the other parts with different MUsic of Jessica's Cardio Ball Blast then the rest of the edited Kathy Smith Ultimate Sculpt.  Finished with a bit of some youtube vids but nothing worth mentioning.  I really like the functional moves in the Jessica and Kathy routines and hope the new dvds on their way to me from Mary's Easter sale have even more functional moves.

There's a bunch of stuff around the house I want to do but will rest my arm just in case whatever caused the pain last night has not healed completely.

Sparks ETA:
My new Older and Wiser levels 1-2 and 3-4 dvds arrived!  I did the warmup and cooldown Stretch which I believe are identical on both dvds.  The moves are definitely different than any other style with an emphasis on moving in all directions.  Since the cuing didn't bother me with its pleasant music and offered some useful tips, I will be doing the warmup and Stretch with the original audio.  It is sad that many exercisers will ignore these dvds because they believe they will be watered down for the Aged instead of very well designed for all bodies.

Each dvd seems to have the same 6 minute warmup and 15 minute cooldown stretch.  The Levels 1-2 DVD has a level 1 cardio, level 2 cardio and Strength & Balance chapter which I believe are not identical to the those on the Levels 3-4 DVD though some moves may be duplicated.

Another Spark ETA:
an outdoor school walk :)

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