Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Revisiting Old Favorites

This morning I did some Fitstix *Fusion* then some of the March Basic4 TaeBo TV Pay-Per-View shown many years ago, both of which had replaced audio.  Personally, I need the audio replacement on both of these to keep engaged.

Mostly, I used the bungee but did do the last few minutes of each on the stability ball.  I was enjoying the Fitstix routines but had to drop the Fitstix when my left thumb became numb.  My wrists have a congenital anomaly similar to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but more complex.  My right wrist had surgery over 30 years ago but I never got the left wrist done.  The movements were just as good without holding anything so I highly recommend the Fitstix routines as a walking alternative.  The routines are much better than those I have tried from various drumming type workouts.
For some of the TB, I donned my ShadowBoxer belt which didn't affect my thumb so now I am reconsidering buying those expensive walking XCOs to have a sliding filler weight with handles.  No worries, I will come to my senses long before ordering a pair.

Some Fitstix DVDs and  products are still available but the TaeBoTV Pay-Per-Views are just about impossible to find.  Most of mine were recorded on VHS though I did use my capture device to rip some of them and then uploaded a few to my previous youtube channel which unfortunately got deleted, even though I have no clue why I received the third strike for a song.  It is so sad that workouts cannot have better music because of archaic copyright laws.  So many outstanding OOP workouts also go unshared because of these archaic laws.  Too bad a composer into exercise cannot toss a hat into the ring.

(just wanted to warn anyone interested in Fitstix Fusion,  I believe they were only released on dvdr, not on a pressed DVD.  There are some used copies quite cheap on Amazon).

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