Saturday, April 5, 2014

BollyFit and Flat Abs Walk

I received the BollyFit dvd yesterday and really like its energy.  However, the chaptering is really messed up. When choosing *Play All*, it just shows the warmup then instructions for the first cardio segment then skips right to the full routines without anymore instructions for each routine.  The *Play All* video file is just 49 minutes including 2 guided meditations.  If I do each cardio chapter including the instructional segments and dances, it is more like 55 minutes excluding meditations!

Ripping the dvd whether with Handbrake or Freemake Video Converter yields the *Play All*.  The dvd is supposed to have 91 minutes but everything after 49 minutes is blank.  I can get the same footage with Music only by choosing the second soundtrack with Freemake.
However, the only way to rip the full instruction segments is by linking the VTS files so folks who like to rip their dvds to stream from a device, hard drive or stick are out of luck doing the rip simply with Handbrake.

OK so I did about 3 of the full chapters after the warmup then switched back to Jessica to finish, doing the first half of the edited Flat Abs Walk.  Again adding MUsic brought the routine to life.

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