Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Older, Wiser and Wonderful

This morning I did some of the cardio from all 4 levels of the 2 Older Wiser and Wonderful DVDS.  Each cardio has a similar warmup and cooldown in addition to the same separate warm up and cooldown stretch on both DVDS.  Level 2 has the same footage as level 1's plus about 10 minutes more of different scenarios.  Level 3 and 4 have a similar but slightly different cardio warmup as Levels 1 and 2 but 3 then has different scenarios for 16 minutes than what is found on the Levels 1-2 DVD.   Levels 4 has the same as Level 3 then adds in the different scenarios found on Level 2.

I also did alittle of the two strength routines which seem to be different footage, making the Levels 1-2 dvd worthwhile for the sale price and free shipping since all of the cardio is in Level 4.

What surprised me most was how much I sweated!
The time went by quickly and the cuing gave different scenarios.  The music was ok but didn't really match the routines as well as it could have.  I will probably prefer my MUsic added routines but may revisit the cuing now and then for the cardio scenarios.

ETA: My new larger micro SD card arrived today so I put the level 4 cardio and level one strength on my phone so I can do these routines when away from home :)

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