Friday, April 4, 2014

New Jessicas

This morning I did the first half of Jessica's original Dance Walk (Walk On Dance Walk DVD) and saw I could follow it quite well with just the cuing so got the idea of ripping it to a MP3 then copying it onto my new LG840.  It worked!!!!  I can now play the file when in AC to have a workout in the hotel room :)
I could have actually copied the whole video on to the phone too but since the screen is so tiny, I figured I'd use way less space when storing and power when playing this way.

Next I did the first half of the edited Latin Dance Walk and found it alot more fun on the bungee than the original audio.   The MUsic I had added made a huge difference.

Finished with the first half of the original Flat Belly Walk (Walk On Troubled Zones DVD).  The warmup with original audio was nothing special but I started to really like the moves at the 10 minute mark.

While playing with my laptop and phone connection, I also added an edited QiGong stretching video to the phone for AC.   More importantly, I was able to take a photo of my medicare card with the phone so I could print it onto a letter to our insurance company notifying them I only have Part A which needed updating in their system.

OK so I did do one dumb thing recently.  I forgot to include the 10OFF code when ordering BollyFit from TotalFitnessDVDs.  Will NOT forget next time!  Off to preview BollyFit which just arrived :)

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