Tuesday, April 8, 2014

BAK and MP3 Sharing

We had alittle AC break and while away, I noticed my right knee and hip were fine but the joints were right back to whining after returning home so I figured it was my desk chair.  I was ready to order one of those stability ball chairs when I decided to improvise and took the Met RX ball which is too small for sitting and inserted it into an upside down Firm stool and voila, it is now the perfect height and more stable than just a large stability ball.  If the ball breaks, it'll be just one less unnecessary ball lying around.

This morning I did just routines from Jessica's new walking DVDs.  The first half of her edited Dance Walk (great MUsic added!) then the first half of her original lower body walk (may make a MP3 to do with the cuing in AC) then the second half of the edited Latin Dance while bouncing on a stability ball.  I picked up my purple Zumba stix for some extra upper body too.

If anyone wants just the MP3 files I have used with routines, let me know!
You can play your video on mute or softly while playing my MUsic.
(If you have Freemake Video converter, you can add my long MP3 files to any video file)

Here's a filemail of some songs I strung together for a Leslie walking routine
each file is about 12 minutes good for about a one mile walk

For an example I played this jessicasmithtv youtube routine muted while playing the second MP3 file downloaded from the filemail.

I was able to do the routine in a small space right in front of my laptop with the youtube video streaming to full screen.  Since I have my audio going from my laptop through speakers, the audio was just as good as workingout in my basement with surround sound to a dvdr.  My laptop 17 inch screen played the video better than my cheap tv plays the burned in mobile quality videos!

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