Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Using MUsic

There are all sorts of ways to do a workout routine with different MUsic.

Of course, I prefer to replace the MUsic before burning the new combination to dvdr so I can use it in my basement with surround sound and my bungee without lugging the laptop down 2 flights of stairs. If I just wanted to use my laptop, I can play any video with the volume lowered and any music either from media files or even by streaming either or both online.  I play music with a VLC player and videos with Windows Media Player or I can play 2 youtube videos simultaneously (one for its music) or play a youtube video while playing my own music, etc.  I plan to do more sparks with the laptop throughout the day this way :)

Anywho this morning was more Jessica Walk Ons which I am really enjoying.
Started with the second half of the edited Dance Walk then did the second half of the original lower body and finished with the second half of the original Dance Walk while sitting on a ball.  It was interesting to compare the second half of Dance Walk with my edited and the original soundtracks.  They felt completely different!

 Here's a bit of Jessica's Dance Walk done bouncing on a stability ball after replacing the audio with free music from Amazon:

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