Monday, April 14, 2014

Bell Peppers in Microwave

I had some leftover Marinara sauce that I wanted to add some cooked bell peppers to for a Spanish omelette sauce so tried to microwave a small amount of raw chopped bell pepper and saw and smelled fire!  Never knew but seems like lots of folks experienced a similar event.  Microwave is fine and even the burnt peppers are safe to eat but now I know to be careful when heating small amounts of bell peppers. This arcing can happen with carrots and yams too.

This morning before the excitement, I did more of the edited 10 minute Solutions Butt Lift.  One of the moves did trigger my hip twinge but Arnica gel and other moves helped to undo the damage.  This routine has some great moves in it and the MUsic I added was perfect.  Finished with the last instructional chapter of BollyFit and its Cooldown which was a nice combination.   Bollyfit is fun and easy to tweak but probably not worth its high pricetag but it was a birthday gift to myself and I did enjoy it and plan to visit the cardio without cuing.

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