Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bunch of Edited Vids

This morning I started with an edited version of the jessicasmithtv Cardio Ball Blast.  Actually, I had edited two versions, one with Amazon free MUsic and another with Gangsta type MUsic.  The first halves can be done off the bungee but the bouncier parts in the second halves are better on the bungee.  Tomorrow I plan to revisit the halves I had only done once.

Then I started doing more of the neglected files burned on to the same dvdr and found many treasures.  I especially lurved the MUsic added Tai Chi Stretch from Kathy Smith's Kickboxing routine.  Also the Kathy Smith Rejuvenation (AWT) Strength routine with Bollywood MUsic added.  I was also enjoying TamiLee Webb's Tighter Assets with MUsic from the musical Kinky Boots but unfortunately the file kept freezing :(

ETA Sparks:
Outside school Walk
some TA
first half MoonBodies Core Ballet (very nice!)

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