Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Tracfone

Another day of doing edited Huckabee PowerFits and Hamelin :)

Recently I got a refurbished LG840G from Tracfone (cost only ~$10) and have been playing with it.  The original browser is limited but does enable me to access Gmail and Facebook using WIFI as well as Youtube.  I tried the UC Browser but actually preferred the original browser.  I may eventually install Opera mini.  All of my Tracfone units and service time transferred online without any problems.

My previous 2 transactions with Tracfone needed help from their Executive Resolutions reps.   The first problem was transferring my husband's service to another phone when he no longer could hear audio on the other end of a phonecall.  His *new* phone had the wrong sim card number associated with it even though it arrived with the sim card already inserted.  Once the Executive Resolutions rep realized the error, it was quickly resolved.  Facebook and regular Tracfone customer reps were useless and only added to my frustration.
The second problem was transferring my son's units and service to my old phone after we decided to let his phone become inactive.  The problem got resolved nicely through an email to and phonecall from Executive Resolutions after the Facebook and regular Customer reps were again useless.  After several minutes of providing them with information, they were only going to give me 60 units of the 2500 prepaid units!  I had kept regular records of the parameters needed to assure those purchased units which were bought and never used with active service days for 10 years.
So I never expected the upgrade to the LG840 to go as smoothly as it did LOL
Now I am a very happy Tracfone customer ... as long as Executive Resolutions continues to exist.

I only use the phone a couple of days a month so I do not want to load it with apps I really do not need since my laptop is more functional when at home.  However, I think the LG840 video camera does a better job than my laptop webcam so I may record some of my workouts with it.

Today my data cable arrived from China (cost only ~$3).  I have already transferred a video taken with the phone to my laptop and have already transferred a video downloaded from Youtube from my laptop to play on the phone thanks to Freemake after converting the video to the right size (Mobile quality) so I can watch the video on the phone without WIFI or data charges.  The phone recorded video will play on my Windows laptop players but without sound and can be converted by Freemake to MP4 to include the recorded sound or I can just add my own music right to the video from the camera with Windows Live Movie Maker.

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