Saturday, April 12, 2014

Great Routines!

I really enjoyed everything I did today :)
Yesterday I had a new weird foot pain but found I could still workout painfree with shoes.
First up was the Dakidissa Jumping Jacks routine to which I had added MUsic:
I did most of it on the bungee and a few minutes on the stability ball.
Original at

Then I did another instructional chapter from the BollyFit DVD on the bungee.

Then I did my edited file of the *8 minute legs* uploaded last week to jessicasmithtv.

Last but not least was this nice Bradford Mathod routine which seemed similar to BodyFit360:

actually I only did 6 minutes after editing out the mat moves LOL
However I did keep the cuing and nice music.

ETA Spark:
While waiting for the new jessicasmithtv upload today, I saw a 13minute Standing Abs routine that looked new to me so I downloaded it and added MUsic and did it as a spark with my homemade XCO trainer (Lays potato chip can partially filled with rock salt).
Here's the original:

Ironically the new upload was mat abs which I do not do.
My core is talking to me now...
Just hope it isn't screaming tomorrow.

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