Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Older Wiser and Wonderful Cardio Sample

Sue Grant has given me permission to share a sample from her Older Wiser and Wonderful DVD series.  I didn't think the other clips already online showed enough of her scenario style with varied functional moves.   Her routines work with my replaced audio soundtracks nicely but her cuing actually is quite creative compared to most workout videos.  Since the music in workout dvds is limited, enjoying the cuing can be a very rare occurrence when doing a workout.  Besides giving tips, her cuing makes the routines more fun.
Anywho here is a sample showing many of her moves from her various scenarios.

 I tried to make the sample as small as possible for sharing in an email so the visual quality suffered a bit.
The sample is from her Level 4 cardio routine which combines levels one, two and three.

Of course, I will mostly be visiting the routines with my music added but will actually be visiting the original routines for their cuing too, especially when sitting on a stability ball to make the routine feel completely different.  I have done these routines exclusively for several days now and still find them fresh and enjoyable.  They are fun, feel good, and have a no dread factor.

I am definitely adding some of her routines to my LG840 because I think the routines with cuing will work nicely in my hotel room. ;)

Sue's DVDS can be purchased from most vendors as well as directly from her website:

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