Friday, April 11, 2014

Flat Abs Walk and BollyFit

This morning I intended to do just the second half of my edited Flat Abs Walk from Jessica's Walk On Tone Your Troubled Zones DVD but the first song (Happy) kidnapped me so I did the whole routine.  Then I did just the Big Love chapter from BollyFit and really enjoyed it.  That chapter is a perfect 10 minute spark.  Most of both routines were done on the bungee.

I think our son likes my LG840 just alittle too much after seeing he could listen to youtube outside in our yard on our FIOS wifi while reading and even watch videos if not reading.  I offered to download MP3 files from youtube to a spare Tracfone which supposedly makes a great MP3 player but he is resistant to listening to downloaded files instead of youtube live :(

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