Monday, June 30, 2014

Brain Fog

I spend last night in AC and it was the first time I skipped 2 consecutive nights of Lipitor switching to a three times a week schedule (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).  After terrible brain fog Friday and Saturday, I awoke feeling much more clear-headed this morning.   Unfortunately, this afternoon I felt it returning a bit so I did a spark: a Kettlenetics warmup on the bungee then some of the kettlebell moves holding a purple Zumba stick.  Some of the tunes I used were Roar and Brave. It Worked!! The brain fog receded.

So now I know to try a more intense physical spark, not just a leisurely walk.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Great Combo for MUving

First I did the last 17 minutes of my edited Fitstix Fusion on the Bungee with Fitstix.
Here's a sample:
 I may eventually share this routine privately*

Then I did the jessicasmithtv new 10 minute Mash Up (standing segment) then my edited version of her Standing Pilates.  Finished with a couple of great youtube routines while sitting on my stability ball, especially this one:

*Right now I am making an attempt to share some other stuff privately so my resources are limited

ETA: I have seen people dismiss my combination of music and moving for both mental and physical pain but this combination is wonderful therapy.  Exercise alone is great therapy. Music alone is great therapy.  Combine the 2 and you may be surprised by the results!

Here's a filemail link for the Conductorcise files good for 7 days

Friday, June 27, 2014


The results are in and except for my LDL being higher than usual but still in the same *near optimal* range, everything else is actually better after cutting back to Lipitor 20mg every other day instead of daily.  My Total Cholesterol is about the same (one point higher) and my HDL alittle higher so my ratio (Tot/HDL) is actually lower than last quarter's.  Best of all, my Triglycerides are much lower!!!!!
I have had much more energy which I believe helped my HDL and Triglycerides.
So the rebound effect of taking less Lipitor only affected my LDL negatively and everything else positively.  I am still in the same near optimal range with my LDL so there is absolutely no reason to go back to daily Lipitor.  I should mention I take the Lipitor with food which is supposed to make its half-life longer.

My Vitamin D is little lower than the recommended value but I had sat in the sun the day before which is supposed to replenish it much better than supplements so I know my body is still capable of processing the sunlight and taking a small supplement during the winter is all I need.  Most importantly, low VitD is not responsible for my generalized pain.

My next plan is to cutback to Lipitor 3 times a week then increase my CoQ10 from 150 to 200 mg a day.  If I do not get enough relief of the side effects within a few weeks, I will cutback on Lipitor to twice a week.  The main side effects I want gone is the numbed sensation in my calves and feet as well as the random pain spasms which come and go mysteriously in muscles and joints.
My hot flashes are gone after 25 years.
My fatigue is gone.
My morning headaches are gone.
My depression is gone.
My brain fog has decreased.

I am very hopeful that I can improve my quality of life without letting my LDL determine what side effects I should have to endure.

This morning I did most of the Fitstix Fusion with replaced audio and some of my edited Kettlenetics Cardio Balanced and enjoyed both very much even though very anxious about hearing my test results, especially since I ironically got a warning from my insurance last evening since filling a Lipitor script after turning 65:

There was no point discussing this with my doctor since I already had a similar discussion with him a couple of days ago.  I have not told him about my cutting back on Lipitor since my test results satisfied him, except for the slight rise in the LDL.  He called my results from CoQ10 a placebo effect.  Whatever.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

More TurboSteps

This morning I started with my edited version of the Turbosteps stick routine and as much as I enjoyed Fausto Murillo's moves yesterday, his stick moves were not innovative and very repetitious so I mostly freestyled to great MUsic selections.   The MUsic I had added was so good I decided to rip the file's soundtrack.

 The stick routine may not have been the best choice for me since the Shingles vaccination site has been swollen and painful.  I did discover that I like stick moves using Billy's 24/7 gloves and band instead of holding a stick or bar, especially when bouncing.  At least I sweated for about 40 minutes.

On another note, I am excited that a new Big Brother season has started again and already found a mobile app so I can see updates when not at home.  When at home I read various live feed summaries.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Youtube Favorite!

This morning I started with a couple of Yin freebies but really wasn't feeling it.  Some songs I already use and she switches from move to move faster than I prefer.  Then I did an edited routine by a foreign youtube user Fausto Murillo and WOW, what a difference.  His moves were easier to follow and worked on the bungee and ball and plenty of standing abs which worked with a purple Zumba stick.  His cardio is so easy to follow and uses the upper body alot so can be done with light weights as well.

His channel is

This it the original routine I did this morning:

Here's a sample of the MUsic I used:

I also edited out moves I didn't want like floor abs.  Ironically the first song was in a Yin freebie!

ETA:  I just checked out another very popular workout series and just do not get why it is popular. There's alot of Whooing (definitely needs audio replacement) and going down on the ground and back up again for cardio (definitely needs editing).

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Medical and Insurance Rant

OK so I had my fasting blood test this morning and was quite surprised when my doctor mentioned forgetting the VitD test last time and doing it today.  He doesn't seem to be a fan of CoQ10 and thinks it is mostly a placebo effect.  Placebo or not, I feel much better.  I did not share my past 6 weeks of taking the Lipitor every other day and am curious to see how it affects my test results.  My blood pressure was slightly lower than it had been and as good as my husband's who is being treated for hypertension.

Now the real fun begins.
I asked about a Shingles vaccine which is listed as a preventative care benefit on my insurance website.  My doctor said he would order it for me if I get a confirmation that it is covered by my insurance so I called the insurance rep who said it would only be covered if it was assessed as a medical necessity AFTER its administration.  Isn't it fun being the ping pong ball in this table tennis match?

Then my husband asked about having an irritating skin tag removed from his neck.  Doctor gave us the number of a Dermatologist but suggested calling our insurance to check that the procedure would be covered.  Same Rep, same answer .... coverage would depend on whether the procedure is assessed as a medical necessity after the procedure is done.  (somebody please remove this rep's ping pong paddle)

I called the dermatologist and was assured that they know how to submit the correct codes so the skin tag removal will be covered.

Meanwhile, I coincidentally heard from our pharmacy that they believe the pharmacist can give me the Shingles vaccine after checking their system before administering the vaccine so I may get the vaccine there.  However, I fear their system may hit the same coverage conflict.

I have had my share of medical coding errors and insurance conflicts in spite of being more knowledgeable than most victims but want to stop being the ping pong ball in these medical table tennis matches.  I really do not know how anyone can choose a medical insurance plan with all of these conflicts.

Well there is one thing that the doctor, insurance company, and pharmacy all agree upon:
a nonsmoking post menopausal woman with parents who lived to their 80's (neither ever having a heart attack) should be on a statin in spite of side effects which are ruining the quality of her life.
Go figure.

(ETA: I am now vaccinated against Shingles thanks to the local pharmacist)

Ford Kettlenetics Conductorcise

This morning I did Jenny Ford's Workout but to Reggae MUsic.  Many moves worked well on the bungee and ball and were repeated enough that I could just stick with the moves I liked instead of trying the quick changing combos.  As usual, it was my MUsic that kept me MUving in spite of not having a caffeine high because I am fasting for blood work.
Ford's original is here:

I also did some edited Kettlenetics.  Besides adding music, I slowed down some of the too quick moves and repeated segments I wanted to repeat more.

After seeing that Maestro David Dworkin has recently become active on the internet, I am trying to find out if his Conductorcise DVDs are still available for purchase and if not, would he allow me to upload them all.  Right now I have Volume3 uploaded but may be removing it if he doesn't grant permission to share it.  These are wonderful standing on a rebounder or sitting on a stability ball.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Second Post Today instead of ETAs

This morning I did my audio replaced HeavyHands Walk Plus on the bungee, floor and ball but used one pound dumb bells with straps so my hands did not get numb like they do with Fitstix.  Luckily my elbows did not whine.  (these dumb bells cost $1 each years ago!)

I had been plagued by hot flashes for over 20 years.  Last week after having an alcoholic beverage in AC, I was bracing myself for the usual sweat but it didn't come.  I used to have a hot flash every evening before falling asleep and just realized, they have stopped as well.  So I looked it up and found out CoQ10 can relieve hot flashes!  My energy and mood levels have definitely improved as well.   Still have occasional brain fog but not nearly as often or intense and the morning headaches seem gone as well.  Still have weird aches and muscle weakness but am hopeful increasing the CoQ10 dosage will affect those possible Lipitor side effects as well.  Tomorrow is my fasting blood test so by the end of the week, I will know how much switching Lipitor to every other day affected my cholesterol levels.

Overall, my Homeostasis is definitely improved since adding CoQ10 and cutting down on Lipitor.
Just wish I had a doctor who recommended CoQ10 much sooner, especially since it is very significant if on statins but then again most doctors are unaware of how wonderful Arnica Gel is and some like my doctor ignore Vitamin D as well.

can anyone ID this lone plant growing amongst weeds on our side lawn

(Wondering if a neighbor is up to illegal activity LOL)

OK the mysterious plant is probably a Virginia Creeper.


I have been using DailyMotion to upload videos for my own convenience as well as sharing.

Google abruptly closed my Youtube account which was associated with my main Gmail account and I do not even know which song triggered the third strike!  I understand their Terms of Service *3 Strike* rule to avoid excessive copyright violations BUT I believe just disabling uploads would have been enough of a restriction instead of completely closing my Youtube account which was associated with my main Gmail account.   After uploading over one thousand videos, I received a third strike well after 6 months from my first strike.   I have tried to correspond with Google but just get robot type responses, even though I received a notice that one of my copyright strikes had been dropped after my account had been deleted.  This has made me not rely on Google anymore than necessary.  I will not buy a Chromebook or a Chromecast ever.  I will not use Google Plus or Voice, etc.   My channel had hundreds of subscribers and thousands of hits on Youtube with over one thousand uploads so they shot themselves and their advertisers in the foot.  Ironically, a relative who works in the online marketing field and had Youtube as a client said 3 hits a day was considered heavy action for ads LOL
Imagine how many more ad hits they would have if they just restricted uploads after 3 copyright violations instead of automatically deleting accounts.

So I tried DailyMotion and Vimeo.   DailyMotion is much easier to deal with than Youtube.  An actual person corresponds one-on-one instead of robot responses if there is a copyright complaint.  I did receive one warning from DailyMotion and after I had deleted the video received permission from the copyright owner to use the video.  I decided not to upload it again even though DailyMotion would have allowed it.
Just recently after getting a free Android Tracfone with limited app space which I am using as a mini tablet, I found the DailyMotion app enabled me to access videos offline as well as online without being a space hog like the Youtube app.  The Youtube app besides being a space hog needed the Google Play app as well. I can still access Youtube online without its app and now can play a video without WiFi using smaller Dropbox or DailyMotion apps as long as I download a video from either when I do have WiFi available.
About the only advantage Youtube had for me is being able to access it on my Vizio HD TV with internet apps.   Now that I have a *Smart* phone with limited space for apps, Daily Motion is actually better when on the road.   I never would have discovered DailyMotion and its mobile app if Youtube had been more flexible.  Between downloading videos to the sd cards from my laptop and having Dropbox and DailyMotion apps,  I have plenty of routines to do in hotel rooms without free WiFi and without having to carry a laptop or tablet.
(I also tried using the Google Drive app on my phone but it was a huge space hog!)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Online Stuff inc OOP

This morning I did a bunch of youtube clips on the bungee and ball, mostly with their original audio.  Here are some of the youtube users I did:

Prof Nelson


I really loved some of the moves and music, especially Sarah's Bollywood Hip Hop:

I have uploaded to my channels on Youtube and DailyMotion the original WalkPlus HeavyHands and some of Fitstix Fusion because both of these dvds are OOP and almost impossible to purchase.

HeavyHands WalkPlus by POMBarb

Fitstix FUSION by POMBarb

FUSION Hip Hop by POMBarb

To avoid ads on both youtube and DailyMotion, I recommend adding Adblock to your browser.
You can use any light weights like Zumba sticks, etc.

HH WalkPlus

Fitstix Fusion

Saturday, June 21, 2014


This morning was all edited Cindy Whitmarsh UFit files.  I really enjoyed her unique moves with my MUsic.

 So since taking 20 mg of Lipitor every other day and 50 mg twice a day of CoQ10, I have decided to start taking 50 mg of CoQ10 three times a day then 100 mg twice a day of CoQ10 to see if it eliminates even more of the Lipitor side effects.  I have had less morning headaches, brain fog, and joint/muscle pain as well as more energy but still have a bout of brain fog now and then as well as tingling in the hands, feet and calves and weird temporary acute pain spasms in different parts of the body.  If the 200 mg a day doesn't improve how I feel, I may cut down my Lipitor even more to 10 mg every other day till eventually none at all depending on blood results.  I do think I have had mild undiagnosed Fibromyalgia my whole life and Lipitor has added to my discomfort by inhibiting CoQ10.
More recent studies have shown statins to be more harmful than helpful for older women.
No point even trying to discuss this with my doctor who has ignored all prior attempts.  He skipped testing me for Vitamin D after I specifically requested it in my last annual.  I have complained about fatigue, pain and brain fog at just about every quarterly cholesterol blood drawing and exam for several years. I will just ask him about a Shingles vaccine because I really fear the pain from Shingles.

I had to share part of the edited Flat Abs Walk from jessicasmithtv I just did as a spark
Push your desk chair out of the way and enjoy :)
This was one of Jessica's earlier videos and so good that I am going to upload the whole edited routine to my DailyMotion channel.

Friday, June 20, 2014

More Bouncin with Barb

This morning I tried using my laptop webcam to capture some bouncing along with the Ulead program that came with the EasyCap Dongle.  Unfortunately, this old lady got confused and much of the routines went unrecorded! I have alot of unwanted clips instead, including stopping to adjust stuff and take water breaks. LOL
You may think I wear the same T-shirt almost each workout but I have over a dozen of these shirts which were given away by Showboat casino  a few years ago.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Walk connecting Harrahs and the Borgata

I just wanted to share a picture I took from the window of our last Borgata room because it shows the shortest walk between the Borgata and Harrahs using a path across a field between the two properties.  This walk connects the Borgata outside parking lot (Water Club Valet and Racebook exits) and the Harrahs' lobby.  It takes about 10 to 15 minutes and 1/2 of the distance of the rear scenic bay walk. I would not recommend either of the two paths after a heavy rain because of flooding or when dark.
If you look closely, you can see 2 people walking on the path close to the parking attendant's booth.  More and more tourists are beginning to use this path so it should feel quite safe during daylight hours in their summer season.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Great Jenny Ford Routine

This morning, my ankles, feet and knees more or less demanded more sitting on the ball during my workout.  Luckily the Middle Age MUsic I added to a Jenny Ford routine did the trick.  Here is the original:

The moves may have been inspired by Latin Dance but the Medieval MUsic I used worked great with the moves.  Finished with some of the strength moves from UFit Tight.

I just did some of this right in front of my laptop.

but my version had Irish MUsic added :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Kettlebell moves offer good cross-training without taxing my feet. I have always preferred light pseudo-kettlebell stuff like Kettlenetics to the heavy technical kettlebell stuff.  Sometimes I substitute the kettlebell with a purple Zumba stick.  Some routines move too fast.  Some routines repeat a certain move too long.  Other moves I really like aren't done enough so I am editing a bunch of them to be more my thang along with adding MUsic.

This morning I mostly freestyled to an edited Kelly Coffey Meyers Interval because her cardio options were on machines. My cardio was on the bungee wearing the boxing gloves attached to a band that came with Billy Blanks 24/7.  I really didn't need her video at all, just my music and a plan of which body parts to focus upon.  Then I did some of a Kettlebell routine with Amy Dixon at half speed and with added MUsic.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


This morning I did some dance dvd routines to which I had added MUsic.  One was Dance Yourself Thin with Cheryl Burke and the other was a 10 minute Solution Fat Blasting Dance Mix with Jennifer Galardi.  Both had great moves for the bungee and ball.

Again the star of my workout this morning was the MUsic I added.  The other day, I offered a few soundtracks with combined songs in a filemail but unfortunately not too many people showed an interest.
will expire in 2 days

Workouts are so much better with real MUsic!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Adding MUsic to Foreign Routines

I have found several workout routines in foreign languages which work really well when replacing the audio with MUsic.  One of my favorites is Dakisissa on youtube.

This morning I did two of her routines after replacing the audio but here are the originals:

She is very creative, tweaking many moves uniquely and repeats most moves just enough to have time to tweak them and get into MUving.  Sometimes her moves look sloppy but in actuality many of these sloppy moves are my favorites.  Absolutely love her standing ab stuff and crazy punching form!  I had many aches this morning but still enjoyed her stuff on the bungee and ball.

Here is a sample of the first video with my MUsic:

Her originals usually have decent music too.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mash Up

This morning I started with a Bollywood routine which started slow but then got decent:

Then I did my edited versions of Cindy's UFit Tight.  6 pack offered decent upright ab moves but nothing special.  Hard Body was also routine but did include some of my favorite weighted moves.

Finished with some of Jenny Ford's Malibu March which worked well on the bungee and ball.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Finding a Different Soundtrack

Sometimes a different soundtrack available on a DVD is not in a separate title when ripping a DVD with Freemake Video Converter.  However a different soundtrack may be available using the audio drop down menu.  For example, I often find my preferred *Music Only* soundtracks this way.  Perhaps if you are looking for a different language option, it would appear here.

The image below shows the drop down menu for audio track choices but in this case, the dvd had just one audio track option.  If it had more than one, you could choose another then click on the green play icon to ensure you chose the correct audio track for your needs.
(you can click on this image to enlarge it)

You can also use this audio drop down menu to mute your video file by choosing no audio or to add audio.  If you want to add audio, it will only add one audio file.  I usually add music with Windows Live Movie Maker so I can add more than one audio file.

Great Combo Today

First I did the new Jump Show youtube video but mostly at half-time because I am just too old to try to keep up with those young gals.  I did toss in a high intensity interval at full speed here and there. It had interesting moves and decent MUsic.
(Video was embedded on 6/7)

Then I did my edited versions of Cindy Whitmarsh's UFit Lean.  I did most of the lower body on the bungee and the upper body on the ball, both to Celtic MUsic.  I liked both enough to repeat them on another dvdr with different MUsic.

Choosing a Jumpsport Bungee

Bungee rebounders are much better than spring models which feel like concrete by comparison.  However, they are also quite expensive.  Bellicons tend to cost twice as much as Jumpsports.  You can adjust to whatever model you do decide to purchase as far as price, cord tension, and mat size.

If you want a bungee and have less cash, the cheapest Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline will cost ~$200.  Around Christmas, these were greatly reduced on Amazon.  Otherwise, you may want to try Costco's 350 which is returnable.

All of the Jumpsport 200's and 300's models have the same smaller mat diameter and have a bungee tension similar to the lighter Bellicon cords.  Their petal mat does not truly extend the jumping space as advertised unless you are wearing shoes.  The petals are noisier and distracting so save money and choose a skirt mat style.  

The Jumpsport 550 has 4 more inches of space and a much firmer cord tension than the other Jumpsports.   I have watched videos of the largest 49 inch Bellicon in action and can do all of the moves I have seen so size becomes less important than cord tension IMHO.   For me, my bare feet prefer the firmer tension because it is easier to stay balanced, stressing my feet less and enabling me to workout longer. I also can do more variety in movements on the 550 with the firmer tension, quicker bounce, and slightly larger diameter.   If I want to bounce on my 370, I now have to wear shoes to avoid stressing my feet.  Lighter tension Bellicon cords may have the same issues especially with larger mats.  Also the 550 is great because I use it in a basement with a low ceiling and its legs are shorter.
Though a lighter tension may seem to feel better if you can actually try both, it may not necessarily be better for your feet or lymphatic system.  A lighter tension may enable fun healthbouncing but a tighter tension will flush lymph better. Your weight can greatly affect which cord tension would be best for you too.

I do suggest that if you are getting a larger Bellicon mat to choose the next higher cord tension to reduce coning.  There is a chart on the Bellicon site suggesting cord tensions.

There are videos on youtube demonstrating moves on different Bellicon models.

Here's my playlists showing my 550 in action:


You can decide which tension and size best suit your own needs and bankroll.

ETA: There is a new kid in town!
My 370 frame now wears a 370 PRO mat and I really like it!
Now it is an even a harder decision whether to spend the extra cash for a 550 PRO because I believe a 350 Pro would have satisfied me.  The extra couple of inches are nice but not necessary if money is tight.  The extra 6 cords come with a differently designed mat making it feel larger.  The 370 petals are smaller and quieter too but I know I like my 550 skirt mat so do not think the petal mat is worth the extra bucks.
Bottomline, if you want a fast firm bounce and money is tight, get the 350 Pro.
(Note: Plantar Fasciitis feels better with a firmer mat)

ETA: I really like the PROBounce 48 inch model which is now $350 (pre-order was just $250).  The Bellicon starts at $700 for 49 inches and no longer charges extra for shipping.  There is no 48 inch Jumpsport and their 44 inch 550 no longer has a discount through Costco so is ~$500.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cindy and Jenny

This morning I did the edited version of Cindy Whitmarsh UFit Ultra-Burn.  Calorie Crushing Cardio worked well with the Celtic MUsic I used and most moves were compatible on the 550 with little to no tweaking. Cindy tweaked old moves to make them feel new so this is a winner.  Then I did the edited Sculpt routine which was OK but nothing special for me as far as its upright moves.  Finished with some of Jenny Ford's new Beginner March which definitely beats most Leslie Sansones IMHO.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Cours and soon Cindy

This morning I did another Cours routine which I really enjoyed on the bungee then a virtual walk with added music while sitting on the ball.

The new Cindy WhitMarsh UFit set arrived this morning!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cours Gym

I really am enjoying Cours Gym routines uploaded by Gym Direct after replacing their French cuing with my own music selections.  Their original music is quite good too but the French cuing just isn't for me.

They repeat simple moves just enough to get into them without getting bored.  With alittle tweaking the moves work on the bungee or ball.  This morning I did these 2:

I have a small basement window near my TV and I have had varying experiences with Nature there.  Once a bee had gotten into the house and was by the window and I didn't know it till I kept seeing the Robin pecking at the window!  It is amazing the Robin didn't crack the glass.  We killed the bee but the Robin still came back for several days before it lost interest. I have had cats stop and watch me workout and even a squirrel but this morning a Chipmunk!  The Chipmunk liked the music so much, it was trying to find an entrance.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

PT 24/7 and youtube stuff

I do like the workouts from the PT/24 set after adding MUsic and removing moves I prefer to skip.  Most moves are easy to follow and bungee friendly and the number of reps mostly do-able.  I just freestyle whenever there is a pause or too many reps.  However, I do not care for bands on the lower body and found a simple solution by simply hooking each glove to the end of one band.  There's all sorts of ways to adjust the tension by capturing a band with the thumb or wrapping the band around a glove, even letting the band go under the butt as an anchor LOL
It is much easier and safer to get on and off the bungee without the band attached to the feet.  I love how I do not have to grip the band or handle.

This morning after doing an edited PT 24/7, I did some of an edited German Bellicon routine, replacing the audio with MUsic:.

Took a peek at my edited jessicasmithtv new Inner Thighs routine and hope to do that one tomorrow.  Today being Saturday, I look forward to whatever Jessica may upload today at noon.

Yesterday I found a new Jump routine which I will be trying hopefully soon:

ETA: no new jessicasmithtv video for me today because the new video is for the lower abs and all done down on the floor/mat.


DailyMotion made it more difficult to download their videos.  The download sites were just too darn slow so I downloaded the newest version of Freemake Video Downloader which enabled downloading from DailyMotion on Windows Operating Systems.  However, I was forced to accept a bundled software called Pureleads to enable the Freemake Video Downloader 3.7  installation.

So I ran Malwarebytes to get rid of some of the suspicious items then I uninstalled PureLeads through Windows uninstall/removal process.

Malwarebytes has a free version

If you have already installed Malwarebytes previously, be sure to right click and run the program as an administrator and then click on updates before running a scan.  A Quick scan found a few new suspicious items after downloading Freemake Video Converter with PureLeads.
(Full scan did not show anymore suspicious items)

To remove Pure Leads from Windows7
go to Start, Control Panel, Programs, uninstall a Program
scroll down to PureLeads then click on uninstall

If you choose to watch videos on DailyMotion without ads, be sure to use Adblock as an extension on your browser.

Friday, June 6, 2014

PT 24/7 and Pound

This morning I did another edited Billy Blanks PT 24/7 but this time wearing my ShadowBoxer belt on the bungee then switched to sitting on the ball.  Then I did an edited Pound routine which was on Dr. Oz and wound up back on the stability ball with drumsticks.  I really like drumming on the ball instead of the floor. I could not download the Dr. Oz show so just recorded it on my LG840 while playing the clip on my laptop.

I also tried to record some of the bungee bouncing on the LF Optimus but think the basement ceiling is too low so when I try to catch the whole image, the ceiling lights become too bright.  May try to capture some action on the 370 in the den next.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kendra Howard Planet Motion

I love Kendra Howard's Planet Motion DVD and had burned a few of her older youtube videos but just found some newer ones!

For an unplanned warmup, I tried getting the bungee to record on my newer LG Optimus but it was more difficult to set up than the LG840.  Finally find a way to position it but lost interest by then LOL
My actual workout this morning was mostly a Billy Blanks PT 24/7 routine to which I had added MUsic.  I actually think I would enjoy most of the moves more with my Shadow Boxer belt or no bands because the bands seem to stop be from fully getting into the MUsic.  Finished with some of a virtual walk on the bungee then ball.

Anywho here is my first attempt to set up the camera which just showed my lower body.  It does at least show some of the springiness of the 550 LOL

Next try had more of the upper body and head

and this attempt was upside down! 
but I could rotate it with Windows Live Movie Maker
I have hope I will eventually get the focus and lighting better another day but it is very tedious having to balance the LG just right.  I am using foot supports with slits in them to hold the camera upright!  The LG Optimus does seem to capture the video with less blurring than the LG840.  Also the audio records better and the file is compatible with Windows Media Player without any converting.

I just did this Planet Motion routine as a spark while sitting on a stability ball and enjoyed it :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Zumba on Youtube

This morning I warmed up with some of a virtual walk on the bungee then did some youtube Zumba routines, some with Fitstix and some with drumsticks, some on the bungee and some on the ball.  I like banging the ball with drumsticks like a combination PoundFit and Drums Alive :)

Anywho when doing a particular bunch of combined clips, I was really getting into the MUsic and suddenly realized it was MUsic I had added!
There were some Zumba videos I liked the moves in but didn't care for the audio so did my thing with them.
I finished a burned dvdr which is now one of my favorites having many routines I want to revisit.  Tomorrow I start a new dvdr with several Billy Blanks 24/7 routines to which I have added MUsic because the TaeBo counting annoys me.

ETA:  I found alot more virtual walks/hikes!
here's my current playlist

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mostly YouTube but Vimeo too

Started in my den on the JS370 using my HDTV youtube app to do some of a virtual walk then some of a German Manuel while playing tunes on my Tracfone through ear buds.  Then I switched to the basement 550 and did some Yin the Zone cardio (Vimeo), some of another Virtual Walk of the UK countryside which I had edited to slow down because the original was way too fast (plus I added its original soundtrack back in), and a bunch of Zumba toning vids with Fitstix.  I enjoyed everything I did. Being able to edit videos enables me to create much better routines for my own use than any dvd or streamed routine can offer.  Totally all dread factors get removed.  No annoying audio or moves to skip.  I enjoy the process and the results.

one of the Yin the Zone free routines:
Freestyle cardio on the rooftop under the sun on Sunday from Yin The Zone Exclusive on Vimeo.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Shining Star Today was Anna

First I did some of a youtube virtual walk in our den on my JS370 using our HDTV with internet apps until my husband walked in and ruined the mood so I switched to the privacy of our basement.  I did enjoy the fresh air in the den with our windows open and view of our yard as well as the music I had added to the youtube walk.

Downstairs I started with a Faithful routine to which I had added lively Christian music which I enjoyed then did some of another virtual walk with music added.  The real star was the last video file I did which combined several of the Planet Zumba routines which can be found on youtube:

I used fitstix instead of Zumba stix on either the bungee or a stability ball and sweated like crazy.

I didn't do this one this morning but this is the first video that drew me to her site

Lurve her audio and moves :)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mixing It Up

This morning I finished the edited Amy Bento Hip Hop Walk then did some edited German Manuel while sitting on a stability ball  then the Exercise TV (med ball) Cardio Core routine:

and finished with some virtual walking on the bungee and ball
Try playing the music from the second walk while muting the first.
Mute the original Lake Samsonvale

Play the MUsic from the Malta Walk

You can play the muted walk full screen while still hearing the music from the other video.
This technique can be used to mix and match all sorts of videos and audio on youtube, pcs, etc.

Cindy Whitmarsh is offering her 3 dvd Ultrafit set at a great clearance price till 6/21
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There was a legal problem because of their titles so the money will be donated to charity.

So archaic legal issues are again interfering with yet another instructor's reimbursement.