Monday, June 23, 2014


I have been using DailyMotion to upload videos for my own convenience as well as sharing.

Google abruptly closed my Youtube account which was associated with my main Gmail account and I do not even know which song triggered the third strike!  I understand their Terms of Service *3 Strike* rule to avoid excessive copyright violations BUT I believe just disabling uploads would have been enough of a restriction instead of completely closing my Youtube account which was associated with my main Gmail account.   After uploading over one thousand videos, I received a third strike well after 6 months from my first strike.   I have tried to correspond with Google but just get robot type responses, even though I received a notice that one of my copyright strikes had been dropped after my account had been deleted.  This has made me not rely on Google anymore than necessary.  I will not buy a Chromebook or a Chromecast ever.  I will not use Google Plus or Voice, etc.   My channel had hundreds of subscribers and thousands of hits on Youtube with over one thousand uploads so they shot themselves and their advertisers in the foot.  Ironically, a relative who works in the online marketing field and had Youtube as a client said 3 hits a day was considered heavy action for ads LOL
Imagine how many more ad hits they would have if they just restricted uploads after 3 copyright violations instead of automatically deleting accounts.

So I tried DailyMotion and Vimeo.   DailyMotion is much easier to deal with than Youtube.  An actual person corresponds one-on-one instead of robot responses if there is a copyright complaint.  I did receive one warning from DailyMotion and after I had deleted the video received permission from the copyright owner to use the video.  I decided not to upload it again even though DailyMotion would have allowed it.
Just recently after getting a free Android Tracfone with limited app space which I am using as a mini tablet, I found the DailyMotion app enabled me to access videos offline as well as online without being a space hog like the Youtube app.  The Youtube app besides being a space hog needed the Google Play app as well. I can still access Youtube online without its app and now can play a video without WiFi using smaller Dropbox or DailyMotion apps as long as I download a video from either when I do have WiFi available.
About the only advantage Youtube had for me is being able to access it on my Vizio HD TV with internet apps.   Now that I have a *Smart* phone with limited space for apps, Daily Motion is actually better when on the road.   I never would have discovered DailyMotion and its mobile app if Youtube had been more flexible.  Between downloading videos to the sd cards from my laptop and having Dropbox and DailyMotion apps,  I have plenty of routines to do in hotel rooms without free WiFi and without having to carry a laptop or tablet.
(I also tried using the Google Drive app on my phone but it was a huge space hog!)

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