Monday, June 2, 2014

Shining Star Today was Anna

First I did some of a youtube virtual walk in our den on my JS370 using our HDTV with internet apps until my husband walked in and ruined the mood so I switched to the privacy of our basement.  I did enjoy the fresh air in the den with our windows open and view of our yard as well as the music I had added to the youtube walk.

Downstairs I started with a Faithful routine to which I had added lively Christian music which I enjoyed then did some of another virtual walk with music added.  The real star was the last video file I did which combined several of the Planet Zumba routines which can be found on youtube:

I used fitstix instead of Zumba stix on either the bungee or a stability ball and sweated like crazy.

I didn't do this one this morning but this is the first video that drew me to her site

Lurve her audio and moves :)

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