Thursday, June 26, 2014

More TurboSteps

This morning I started with my edited version of the Turbosteps stick routine and as much as I enjoyed Fausto Murillo's moves yesterday, his stick moves were not innovative and very repetitious so I mostly freestyled to great MUsic selections.   The MUsic I had added was so good I decided to rip the file's soundtrack.

 The stick routine may not have been the best choice for me since the Shingles vaccination site has been swollen and painful.  I did discover that I like stick moves using Billy's 24/7 gloves and band instead of holding a stick or bar, especially when bouncing.  At least I sweated for about 40 minutes.

On another note, I am excited that a new Big Brother season has started again and already found a mobile app so I can see updates when not at home.  When at home I read various live feed summaries.

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