Saturday, June 21, 2014


This morning was all edited Cindy Whitmarsh UFit files.  I really enjoyed her unique moves with my MUsic.

 So since taking 20 mg of Lipitor every other day and 50 mg twice a day of CoQ10, I have decided to start taking 50 mg of CoQ10 three times a day then 100 mg twice a day of CoQ10 to see if it eliminates even more of the Lipitor side effects.  I have had less morning headaches, brain fog, and joint/muscle pain as well as more energy but still have a bout of brain fog now and then as well as tingling in the hands, feet and calves and weird temporary acute pain spasms in different parts of the body.  If the 200 mg a day doesn't improve how I feel, I may cut down my Lipitor even more to 10 mg every other day till eventually none at all depending on blood results.  I do think I have had mild undiagnosed Fibromyalgia my whole life and Lipitor has added to my discomfort by inhibiting CoQ10.
More recent studies have shown statins to be more harmful than helpful for older women.
No point even trying to discuss this with my doctor who has ignored all prior attempts.  He skipped testing me for Vitamin D after I specifically requested it in my last annual.  I have complained about fatigue, pain and brain fog at just about every quarterly cholesterol blood drawing and exam for several years. I will just ask him about a Shingles vaccine because I really fear the pain from Shingles.

I had to share part of the edited Flat Abs Walk from jessicasmithtv I just did as a spark
Push your desk chair out of the way and enjoy :)
This was one of Jessica's earlier videos and so good that I am going to upload the whole edited routine to my DailyMotion channel.

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