Saturday, June 7, 2014

PT 24/7 and youtube stuff

I do like the workouts from the PT/24 set after adding MUsic and removing moves I prefer to skip.  Most moves are easy to follow and bungee friendly and the number of reps mostly do-able.  I just freestyle whenever there is a pause or too many reps.  However, I do not care for bands on the lower body and found a simple solution by simply hooking each glove to the end of one band.  There's all sorts of ways to adjust the tension by capturing a band with the thumb or wrapping the band around a glove, even letting the band go under the butt as an anchor LOL
It is much easier and safer to get on and off the bungee without the band attached to the feet.  I love how I do not have to grip the band or handle.

This morning after doing an edited PT 24/7, I did some of an edited German Bellicon routine, replacing the audio with MUsic:.

Took a peek at my edited jessicasmithtv new Inner Thighs routine and hope to do that one tomorrow.  Today being Saturday, I look forward to whatever Jessica may upload today at noon.

Yesterday I found a new Jump routine which I will be trying hopefully soon:

ETA: no new jessicasmithtv video for me today because the new video is for the lower abs and all done down on the floor/mat.

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