Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mostly YouTube but Vimeo too

Started in my den on the JS370 using my HDTV youtube app to do some of a virtual walk then some of a German Manuel while playing tunes on my Tracfone through ear buds.  Then I switched to the basement 550 and did some Yin the Zone cardio (Vimeo), some of another Virtual Walk of the UK countryside which I had edited to slow down because the original was way too fast (plus I added its original soundtrack back in), and a bunch of Zumba toning vids with Fitstix.  I enjoyed everything I did. Being able to edit videos enables me to create much better routines for my own use than any dvd or streamed routine can offer.  Totally all dread factors get removed.  No annoying audio or moves to skip.  I enjoy the process and the results.

one of the Yin the Zone free routines:
Freestyle cardio on the rooftop under the sun on Sunday from Yin The Zone Exclusive on Vimeo.

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