Saturday, June 28, 2014

Great Combo for MUving

First I did the last 17 minutes of my edited Fitstix Fusion on the Bungee with Fitstix.
Here's a sample:
 I may eventually share this routine privately*

Then I did the jessicasmithtv new 10 minute Mash Up (standing segment) then my edited version of her Standing Pilates.  Finished with a couple of great youtube routines while sitting on my stability ball, especially this one:

*Right now I am making an attempt to share some other stuff privately so my resources are limited

ETA: I have seen people dismiss my combination of music and moving for both mental and physical pain but this combination is wonderful therapy.  Exercise alone is great therapy. Music alone is great therapy.  Combine the 2 and you may be surprised by the results!

Here's a filemail link for the Conductorcise files good for 7 days

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