Monday, June 23, 2014

Second Post Today instead of ETAs

This morning I did my audio replaced HeavyHands Walk Plus on the bungee, floor and ball but used one pound dumb bells with straps so my hands did not get numb like they do with Fitstix.  Luckily my elbows did not whine.  (these dumb bells cost $1 each years ago!)

I had been plagued by hot flashes for over 20 years.  Last week after having an alcoholic beverage in AC, I was bracing myself for the usual sweat but it didn't come.  I used to have a hot flash every evening before falling asleep and just realized, they have stopped as well.  So I looked it up and found out CoQ10 can relieve hot flashes!  My energy and mood levels have definitely improved as well.   Still have occasional brain fog but not nearly as often or intense and the morning headaches seem gone as well.  Still have weird aches and muscle weakness but am hopeful increasing the CoQ10 dosage will affect those possible Lipitor side effects as well.  Tomorrow is my fasting blood test so by the end of the week, I will know how much switching Lipitor to every other day affected my cholesterol levels.

Overall, my Homeostasis is definitely improved since adding CoQ10 and cutting down on Lipitor.
Just wish I had a doctor who recommended CoQ10 much sooner, especially since it is very significant if on statins but then again most doctors are unaware of how wonderful Arnica Gel is and some like my doctor ignore Vitamin D as well.

can anyone ID this lone plant growing amongst weeds on our side lawn

(Wondering if a neighbor is up to illegal activity LOL)

OK the mysterious plant is probably a Virginia Creeper.

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