Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Zumba on Youtube

This morning I warmed up with some of a virtual walk on the bungee then did some youtube Zumba routines, some with Fitstix and some with drumsticks, some on the bungee and some on the ball.  I like banging the ball with drumsticks like a combination PoundFit and Drums Alive :)

Anywho when doing a particular bunch of combined clips, I was really getting into the MUsic and suddenly realized it was MUsic I had added!
There were some Zumba videos I liked the moves in but didn't care for the audio so did my thing with them.
I finished a burned dvdr which is now one of my favorites having many routines I want to revisit.  Tomorrow I start a new dvdr with several Billy Blanks 24/7 routines to which I have added MUsic because the TaeBo counting annoys me.

ETA:  I found alot more virtual walks/hikes!
here's my current playlist

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