Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Finding a Different Soundtrack

Sometimes a different soundtrack available on a DVD is not in a separate title when ripping a DVD with Freemake Video Converter.  However a different soundtrack may be available using the audio drop down menu.  For example, I often find my preferred *Music Only* soundtracks this way.  Perhaps if you are looking for a different language option, it would appear here.

The image below shows the drop down menu for audio track choices but in this case, the dvd had just one audio track option.  If it had more than one, you could choose another then click on the green play icon to ensure you chose the correct audio track for your needs.
(you can click on this image to enlarge it)

You can also use this audio drop down menu to mute your video file by choosing no audio or to add audio.  If you want to add audio, it will only add one audio file.  I usually add music with Windows Live Movie Maker so I can add more than one audio file.

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