Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cours Gym

I really am enjoying Cours Gym routines uploaded by Gym Direct after replacing their French cuing with my own music selections.  Their original music is quite good too but the French cuing just isn't for me.

They repeat simple moves just enough to get into them without getting bored.  With alittle tweaking the moves work on the bungee or ball.  This morning I did these 2:

I have a small basement window near my TV and I have had varying experiences with Nature there.  Once a bee had gotten into the house and was by the window and I didn't know it till I kept seeing the Robin pecking at the window!  It is amazing the Robin didn't crack the glass.  We killed the bee but the Robin still came back for several days before it lost interest. I have had cats stop and watch me workout and even a squirrel but this morning a Chipmunk!  The Chipmunk liked the music so much, it was trying to find an entrance.

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