Friday, June 27, 2014


The results are in and except for my LDL being higher than usual but still in the same *near optimal* range, everything else is actually better after cutting back to Lipitor 20mg every other day instead of daily.  My Total Cholesterol is about the same (one point higher) and my HDL alittle higher so my ratio (Tot/HDL) is actually lower than last quarter's.  Best of all, my Triglycerides are much lower!!!!!
I have had much more energy which I believe helped my HDL and Triglycerides.
So the rebound effect of taking less Lipitor only affected my LDL negatively and everything else positively.  I am still in the same near optimal range with my LDL so there is absolutely no reason to go back to daily Lipitor.  I should mention I take the Lipitor with food which is supposed to make its half-life longer.

My Vitamin D is little lower than the recommended value but I had sat in the sun the day before which is supposed to replenish it much better than supplements so I know my body is still capable of processing the sunlight and taking a small supplement during the winter is all I need.  Most importantly, low VitD is not responsible for my generalized pain.

My next plan is to cutback to Lipitor 3 times a week then increase my CoQ10 from 150 to 200 mg a day.  If I do not get enough relief of the side effects within a few weeks, I will cutback on Lipitor to twice a week.  The main side effects I want gone is the numbed sensation in my calves and feet as well as the random pain spasms which come and go mysteriously in muscles and joints.
My hot flashes are gone after 25 years.
My fatigue is gone.
My morning headaches are gone.
My depression is gone.
My brain fog has decreased.

I am very hopeful that I can improve my quality of life without letting my LDL determine what side effects I should have to endure.

This morning I did most of the Fitstix Fusion with replaced audio and some of my edited Kettlenetics Cardio Balanced and enjoyed both very much even though very anxious about hearing my test results, especially since I ironically got a warning from my insurance last evening since filling a Lipitor script after turning 65:

There was no point discussing this with my doctor since I already had a similar discussion with him a couple of days ago.  I have not told him about my cutting back on Lipitor since my test results satisfied him, except for the slight rise in the LDL.  He called my results from CoQ10 a placebo effect.  Whatever.

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