Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kendra Howard Planet Motion

I love Kendra Howard's Planet Motion DVD and had burned a few of her older youtube videos but just found some newer ones!

For an unplanned warmup, I tried getting the bungee to record on my newer LG Optimus but it was more difficult to set up than the LG840.  Finally find a way to position it but lost interest by then LOL
My actual workout this morning was mostly a Billy Blanks PT 24/7 routine to which I had added MUsic.  I actually think I would enjoy most of the moves more with my Shadow Boxer belt or no bands because the bands seem to stop be from fully getting into the MUsic.  Finished with some of a virtual walk on the bungee then ball.

Anywho here is my first attempt to set up the camera which just showed my lower body.  It does at least show some of the springiness of the 550 LOL

Next try had more of the upper body and head

and this attempt was upside down! 
but I could rotate it with Windows Live Movie Maker
I have hope I will eventually get the focus and lighting better another day but it is very tedious having to balance the LG just right.  I am using foot supports with slits in them to hold the camera upright!  The LG Optimus does seem to capture the video with less blurring than the LG840.  Also the audio records better and the file is compatible with Windows Media Player without any converting.

I just did this Planet Motion routine as a spark while sitting on a stability ball and enjoyed it :)

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