Sunday, June 22, 2014

Online Stuff inc OOP

This morning I did a bunch of youtube clips on the bungee and ball, mostly with their original audio.  Here are some of the youtube users I did:

Prof Nelson


I really loved some of the moves and music, especially Sarah's Bollywood Hip Hop:

I have uploaded to my channels on Youtube and DailyMotion the original WalkPlus HeavyHands and some of Fitstix Fusion because both of these dvds are OOP and almost impossible to purchase.

HeavyHands WalkPlus by POMBarb

Fitstix FUSION by POMBarb

FUSION Hip Hop by POMBarb

To avoid ads on both youtube and DailyMotion, I recommend adding Adblock to your browser.
You can use any light weights like Zumba sticks, etc.

HH WalkPlus

Fitstix Fusion

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