Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Choosing a Jumpsport Bungee

Bungee rebounders are much better than spring models which feel like concrete by comparison.  However, they are also quite expensive.  Bellicons tend to cost twice as much as Jumpsports.  You can adjust to whatever model you do decide to purchase as far as price, cord tension, and mat size.

If you want a bungee and have less cash, the cheapest Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline will cost ~$200.  Around Christmas, these were greatly reduced on Amazon.  Otherwise, you may want to try Costco's 350 which is returnable.

All of the Jumpsport 200's and 300's models have the same smaller mat diameter and have a bungee tension similar to the lighter Bellicon cords.  Their petal mat does not truly extend the jumping space as advertised unless you are wearing shoes.  The petals are noisier and distracting so save money and choose a skirt mat style.  

The Jumpsport 550 has 4 more inches of space and a much firmer cord tension than the other Jumpsports.   I have watched videos of the largest 49 inch Bellicon in action and can do all of the moves I have seen so size becomes less important than cord tension IMHO.   For me, my bare feet prefer the firmer tension because it is easier to stay balanced, stressing my feet less and enabling me to workout longer. I also can do more variety in movements on the 550 with the firmer tension, quicker bounce, and slightly larger diameter.   If I want to bounce on my 370, I now have to wear shoes to avoid stressing my feet.  Lighter tension Bellicon cords may have the same issues especially with larger mats.  Also the 550 is great because I use it in a basement with a low ceiling and its legs are shorter.
Though a lighter tension may seem to feel better if you can actually try both, it may not necessarily be better for your feet or lymphatic system.  A lighter tension may enable fun healthbouncing but a tighter tension will flush lymph better. Your weight can greatly affect which cord tension would be best for you too.

I do suggest that if you are getting a larger Bellicon mat to choose the next higher cord tension to reduce coning.  There is a chart on the Bellicon site suggesting cord tensions.

There are videos on youtube demonstrating moves on different Bellicon models.

Here's my playlists showing my 550 in action:


You can decide which tension and size best suit your own needs and bankroll.

ETA: There is a new kid in town!
My 370 frame now wears a 370 PRO mat and I really like it!
Now it is an even a harder decision whether to spend the extra cash for a 550 PRO because I believe a 350 Pro would have satisfied me.  The extra couple of inches are nice but not necessary if money is tight.  The extra 6 cords come with a differently designed mat making it feel larger.  The 370 petals are smaller and quieter too but I know I like my 550 skirt mat so do not think the petal mat is worth the extra bucks.
Bottomline, if you want a fast firm bounce and money is tight, get the 350 Pro.
(Note: Plantar Fasciitis feels better with a firmer mat)

ETA: I really like the PROBounce 48 inch model which is now $350 (pre-order was just $250).  The Bellicon starts at $700 for 49 inches and no longer charges extra for shipping.  There is no 48 inch Jumpsport and their 44 inch 550 no longer has a discount through Costco so is ~$500.


  1. Hi. Would it be ok for me to ask you how tall are you? Since you write that a 350 pro would have satisfied you I'm curious about your height. All the best to you!

  2. I'm 5'2". Again it depends on why you are getting a rebounder. If it is for mostly healthbouncing then the 350 PRO. If you plan to use it for athletic cardio like jogging, jumping jacks, jump squats, kickboxing, etc then the 550. Have you even checked videos using the 550? If you want it just for healthbouncing, you can try sitting on a stability ball or Hopper.