Monday, November 14, 2016


Now that Trump has to live in the real world instead of his own reality in Trumpland, he is miserable.
As he breaks campaign promises, his core group will shrink.
The old Adage  *You Cannot Please Everyone* rings true
and he has no real ideology except winning and bullying counter-punching to be true to himself.
He may have to start settling law suits and learn how to apologize.

Protests have replaced his beloved rallies.
No more returning to one of his castles every night.
Twitter has to be restrained.
He can no longer rewrite the Constitution and may have to read it.
Every word and deed will be under a microscope and everyone else gets to play Monday morning quarterback with his hands tied (or Twitter fingers tied).  Everyone else can enjoy their Freedom of Speech except him (threats of law suits will not longer be effective).  If he did not like Freedom of the Press before, he will be feel crucified now.  No matter how much he succeeds in any effort, nobody will give him any credit just like he did not give any credit to Obama for anything positive or blame the GOP for obstruction.
He has to be very careful not to do anything considered corrupt or illegal, especially in regards to National security.
.... oops way to late for that after a lifetime of corruption, law suits and affiliations with other countries.  Any day Congress wants him impeached, it will be easy to find something impeachable.

no more locker room talk
and worse of all, no more Tic Tacs!

His whole world has been turned upside-down and inside-out.
His whole inner circle are filled with immoral peeps like himself with rotten advice.
This mentally and emotionally disabled manchild may be the least happy person in the world because of *Winning*.
He can Run but cannot no longer Hide his Hyde.

That Winning temperament placed him in his own Hell.
Why anyone would want to be POTUS is beyond me.

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