Friday, November 11, 2016

Mr. Hyde

There is good and evil in all of us.
Our conscience tries to keep us on the path of good behavior

The media gave Trump's cult a voice.
His movement was the manipulation of people who ignored their moral compass or conscience and created a mob mentality against a woman who had devoted her life to helping others.

25% of registered voters joined this cult.
25% of registered voters resisted.
50% of voters were too self-absorbed to see the difference.

Now bullying behavior will become the norm in our society because this monster normalized it.
Hate crimes are escalating.
Our society has become so damaged that I doubt it will recover in my lifetime.
It no longer matters what happens politically in the future.
Negative behavior has been rewarded and normalized.

Will those of us who have a strong conscience fall in line and support the monster who ruined our society?  Nope. Never.
I will never respect those who have no conscience.
They made the choice to unleash and empower the evil Mr. Hyde lurking in all of us.  I will cling to others who saw it all unfolding as clearly as I did and ignore the Trump minions and live in my own bubble.

Trump's cult may have won the election but the damage was already done to our society as soon as he entered the primaries and bad behavior was rewarded.

He got his Brexit and I got the solidarity symbol from the Brexit disaster.

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