Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Best Things in Life are Free

A friend on VK discovered this channel on youtube and I finally tried one of their videos this morning:

I love the easy to follow and bungee friendly choreo.
It was better than most of the videos that charge for streaming.
The moves are creative and repeated just enough to enjoy them without feeling too tedious or boring.  The loud music drowns out any annoying sound effects.

I will be anxious to try this through my dvd player so I can zoom in.
The Danielle Habibi channel is here:


ETA other freebies:
jessicasmithtv on youtube just started a Holiday series
Fuzion Fitness has some awesome chair and aerobic routines
DailyBurn 365 is still offering a weekly freebie

CodyApp has a nice daily freebie just by sharing your email addy

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