Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Current Favorite Video Downloading suggestions

Video sites keep changing their coding and here are my current favorite methods for downloading a video from a stubborn website on my Windows 7 and 10 laptops.

I use the Opera browser on both laptops and 2 extensions which work together:
savefrom nethelper

tampermonkey enables a convenient download arrow with format size options.

These two extensions also work together well on Chrome on my Windows 10 laptop but not my Windows 7 laptop.

A good substitute for this combo on either Chrome, Opera, or Firefox is the
Flash Video Downloader extension

If all else fails, the last resort is Firefox Download Helper extension but I find Firefox very unstable on my laptops.  Sometimes on FireFox, NetHunter produces a nice TS file from some sites

If your file does not play the audio, try playing the file on VLC
or try testing the file on Freemake Video Converter and if you hear the audio, convert or burn the file

Other extensions which may work nicely on some sites
Video Downloader Professional
Video Downloader Pro

For youtube, I still like the blue Freemake Video Downloader and gold Freemake Video Converter products but be careful when downloading and installing either to always choose custom options and uncheck any unwanted extra offers.

and always download from the official software sites!

Here are some sites that enable downloading by pasting a url:
http://en.savefrom.net/  (which also offers the nethelper extension)

(Note I work only with Windows Operating Systems and have not tried to download on MACs, etc)

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