Saturday, May 31, 2014

More Hip Hop Walk

I didn't sleep well last night and really didn't feel like working out but as soon as my edited Hip Hop Walk with Amy Bento went on, I got right into it.  I did 15 minutes on the bungee then 15 on the ball and decided to stop because of the sleep deprivation although I think I could have gone another 15 minutes.  The tunes I used have alot of profundity but their beat is so perfect for bouncing.

Meanwhile I have added some new virtual walks to my playlist:

These are mostly the originals but you can add your own MUsic.

Friday, May 30, 2014


I'm back from a trip to AC and enjoyed using my new LG Optimus phone as a tablet. The Borgata guestroom has a huge bathroom with a nice mirror and it was really neat how the audio sounded in the bathroom so I preferred working out in the bathroom area LOL
What's super cool is how I can download a video with the Dropbox app where there is free Wifi then play the video in the guest room which doesn't have free WiFi.

Since the Borgata has alot of WiFi hotspots, I found doing Gmail, Facebook and Youtube better on the Optimus than the LG840.  I didn't mind the buffet lines at all being distracted by the phone.  I am sticking with the LG840 for Tracfone service and music for my outdoor walks because if I switch to Verizon with a CDMA droid phone, I cannot switch back to a GSM phone. Maybe when it is time to buy a year of service for myself, there will be an attractive phone bundle with an even better Android phone.  The Optimus has limited space for apps and was one of the first android phones released by Tracfone.  Hey they paid me $20 to try it!  Seriously, a one year card without a phone would have cost $20 more directly from Tracfone.
There are still some bundles available from this reliable vendor:

However, the cheapest way to add service time when not needing the extra minutes is to add a month online for $10 then supersize the order to include a year of service for $50 more.  This would give the buyer 13 months of service and 30 minutes which would be doubled or tripled on most phones for $60.  So maybe I did pay them $20 for the phone and 800 minutes if doubled to 1200 minutes if tripled.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So You Think You Can Dance

I am watching SYTYCD and just about every tune being used I have added to workouts!  Maybe I need to watch some older seasons for some tunes I may have missed.

and the Winner is ...

Amy Bento's Hip Hop Walk with MUsic added.
What a difference! I can really get into the MUsic on the bungee.  It may be my favorite *Walk* routine.  Here's a short sample:

Yes, the moves are repetitive but that makes them easier to follow.  No need for repetitive music.  The song used in the sample was *Move* by Little Mix.

Before trying some of my edited Hip Hop Walk I did my edited jessicasmittv Ultimate HIITs which really works the lower body hard and differently.  Also did an edited Billy Blanks PT24/7 but with my ShadowBoxer Belt because my legs had enough excitement for one day.  It worked well on the bungee and on the stability ball.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MU videos and Mobile Phones

This morning I did the edited Flat Abs Walk from
*Walk On: Tone Your Troubled Zones* on the bungee and wearing my heartrate monitor watch and was impressed by its intensity.  Then I did a few youtube Zumba Toning routines but while sitting on the ball with Fitstix, staying aerobic.
I set up a playlist on youtube for *stix* videos
The routines I did this morning are currently #'s 10 and 13 on that playlist.

I am still testing the limits on my new LG Optimus and found I can access my Dropbox videos and shows from Verizon but have to be very selective because of its limited memory for apps.  I was so excited about the Dropbox option that I am reorganizing my Dropbox into two separate folders, one for home (bungee) and one for the mobile for traveling.  The Dropbox videos download into the Dropbox cache in the 1 gig internal storage space on the Optimus and can then be played without WiFi but I may download an app that will enable putting them on to the 4 gig card.
To get rid of the Dropbox installed videos, I think I have to uninstall Dropbox or delete the cache files using my laptop or there may be a clear cache option I have missed.  Then again, I can just directly download videos onto the Optimus 4 gig sd card (or the 8 gig sd card I bought for the LG840) LOL
For now the only *installed* app on my Optimus is for SHOwtime so I can watch it on WiFi at the Borgata when needing a break from the slots.  I can easily delete or reinstall Apps as I go.  Luckily, the Borgata has many WiFi hotspots.  Too bad they do not have free wifi in the guest rooms though.  Then again that would keep guests like me in my room and away from the slots even more.

Monday, May 26, 2014


I was feeling rather well this morning and wanted to do something extra special so revisited the Jessica Smith
*Walk On: Tone Your Troubled Zones Buns and Thighs Walk*
to which I had added great MUsic.

I enjoyed it so much that I am reusing the soundtrack I had added on my *walking* mobile phone and uploading the video routine to my new LG Optimus to do when away from home.

After the Buns and Thighs Walk on the bungee, I did some of the edited Dance Walk while sitting on the stability ball.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

BB PT 24/7

I mentioned in yesterday's post about receiving the Billy Blanks PT24/7 set and already had added MUsic to the Basics DVD so started my workout this morning with it.  At first I had the straps around my feet over socks then switched to attaching them to shoe laces. Both worked fine.

Then I did some of a virtual walk to which I had added MUsic which I did enjoy.
original walk:

I am having fun with my new LG Optimus but decided not to transfer any of our current Tracfone services to it and to use it just on Wifi, etc.   One day if Tracfone ever gets a service transfer from a GSM to CDMA phone working on their website, I may reconsider.  For now, it isn't worth the stress and my tech phobic husband is comfortable with his old Tracfone.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Visiting Older Burns

This morning I visited some routines I burned a year ago and never tried.  First was some of the URX cardio by Gaye to which I had added MUsic.  Then I did a Les Mills Stretch routine.  Also did alittle of a jessicasmithtv walk but didn't like the audio and will revisit the MUsic only version another day.  Previewed some other routines I may like including RevAbs.

ETA:  Both packages I ordered a couple of days ago arrived today so I have been very busy tinkering with my new toys.  I am happy to say I really liked the Billy Blanks PT24/7 gloves and bands!  I can wrap the foot strap around just a sock and it actually feels like my Futuro Arch supports.  The Gloves are more comfortable than expected and I will not have to grip any bar or handle with my hands which easily go numb.  The workouts seem simple enough to follow that I will be adding MUsic to them instead of hearing the endless counting.

I was in awe of my current LG840 Tracfone which uses java apps so my new LG Optimus Android is a real nice surprise, being so easy to set up for wifi.  I do not even intend to use it as a Tracfone but just as a small wifi tablet.  It is less finicky about video formats and goes to websites I couldn't access on the LG840 like the horse racing site my husband uses.  The videos play slightly larger than on the LG840 and youtube loads much quicker.   The phone was free!  Actually they paid me $20 to get it because the bundle was $20 cheaper than buying a one year card from Tracfone which will be used on my husband's Tracfone in a month or so.   It comes with a 4gig mini SD card and a charger/data cable with a wall adapter.  So now I have plenty of data and charger cables LOL

Friday, May 23, 2014

LUrving MUving

This morning I did two edited youtube routines by Foreign instructors, replacing the Foreign language with MUsic.  First I did another French Cours Cardio (11) then another German WellShaped.TV with Manuel.  Enjoyed both alot mostly because of my chosen MUsic.  I was enjoying the Cours till I noticed the same combo was being repeated so started tweaking the move more to keep them more interesting.  This Manuel was mostly lower body (W3T1) while the one I did the other day was mostly upper body (W2T2).

I am really enjoying the newest tunes I have been adding so continue to do my newest dvdrs.  I did a short search for some older dvdrs I wanted to eventually do sooner rather than later (or never) and was a bit shocked this morning to see how many dvdrs I had burned in the past year or so and never even tried!  Lately, I average about 5 to 7 hours of routines on each dvdr so it could take a whole week or more to visit everything on each dvdr and since I burn one a week, I realistically will never try everything I edited.  Most of my acquired dvds and vhs will go untouched as well.

So silly me, I went ahead and ordered the Billy Blanks 24/7 at a great reduced price on Amazon to try his bands attached to gloves.   If I like the new bands enough to keep the set, I wonder if I will ever try all 7 dvds .... very doubtful  LOL

a couple of tunes I am really enjoying this week are
OneRepublic - Love Runs Out recently performed on The Voice Finale
Ed Sheeran - SING which was also on The Voice Finale
KONGOS  -  I'm Only Joking (foul language warning)
Ariana Grande - Problem ft. Iggy Azalea
Mystery Skulls Ghost
Little Mix - Move
Kesha - Blow
Grandmaster Flash - The Message

MercyMe - Move
The Afters - We Won't Give Up
Kirk Franklin - Look At Me Now
Kirk Franklin - Do you want a Revolution

Most tunes were suggested by RunHundred

The 4 on the bottom were found on a youtube Christian music playlist.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Feeling GREAT!

This morning I woke up with tons of energy.
Mostly visited some French youtube routines after replacing their audio with MUsic:

Also did my edited version of the Summer Sizzle routine recently uploaded to jessicasmithtv and the Behind the Falls video to which I had added Beatles Classical MUsic.

While feeling energetic and sort of clear headed, I added service to my LG840g Tracfone with a pin I had previously bought with a free Tracfone and ordered a new free Tracfone Android with WiFi capability to get the one year card at a great price.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Zumba Toning

Since my Fitstix are similar to Zumba Toning sticks, I had downloaded a bunch of youtube Zumba toning routines almost 2 years ago but never visited some of them!  chances are some have been deleted by now but I did find this one still online:

Also found a good playlist which starts with the first routine I did this morning:
This Boy's Fire - Toning Routine - YouTube

Most of the routines have good music and can be done standing, on the bungee or sitting on the stability ball.

I also did alittle of a German Manuel routine to which I had added the Malta Walk MUsic and the result was much like a Hamelin D'abell routine.  Here's a brief sample:

Finished with just a few minutes of the Rain Forest with Gospel MUsic routine before pooping.  Definitely liked it though and will eventually try the whole thing.

ETA: Feel like my *OLD* self this morning and not in a good way.  Lots of aches and brain fog :(

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Amy Bento Hip Hop Walk!

This mornings workout went quite well.  I did get a sudden sharp pain in my outer right ankle but Arnica gel nipped it in the bud.  Otherwise, I feel pretty good.  Brain fog is minimal. Just wish the amazing energy I had a few days ago would return.

Yesterday and this morning I started revisiting Amy Bento's Hip Hop Walk which is absolutely great on the 550.  I guess the reviewer who panned it didn't try it on a bungee. Its Hip Hop style works great with bungee bouncing. If I like the moves as much as I have, I may add my own MUsic to it after revisiting the dvd with cuing.  Actually her cuing helped me add more intensity.

Then I did just the segments using a band from CardioFlex and found alot of unique band moves which worked great with the short band I got with the Richard Simmons Broadway set.  I had edited out the step cardio.

Finished with a bunch of youtube Zumbas while sitting on the ball and holding Fitstix instead of Zumba stix.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Less Brain Fog

I feel around the same this morning but perhaps alittle less brain fog and aches.  Had plenty of energy during my workout which started with some of CapoFlex to which I had added my own Capoeira MUsic then Latin Kick!.  I edited out some of Latin Kick! but kept its soundtrack.   Both worked surprisingly well on the 550 with its extra 4 inches.  Capoeira's Ginga is a nice crosstraining style with the emphasis on the back step.

Finished with alittle of Keaira's Prenatal Walk but had added my own MUsic

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another Day

Not quite as strong a feeling of well being this morning as yesterday but still much better than previous days.  Alittle more joint twinging and slight brain fog even though I slept well and skipped the Lipitor last evening. The true test was that I got into my workout and time flew without pooping.  Will see how the rest of the day goes.  Yesterday I took two outdoor walks and felt GREAT all day.

Anywho this morning I really enjoyed a German Manuel with MUsic added.
original routine

Here is a sample with my MUsic:

I love doing foreign language routines with replaced audio since I do not understand the cuing :)
What I especially like about Manuel is that he is easy to follow without cuing and his upper body isometrics added to bungee/ball bouncing makes a perfect no dread bouncing routine for me.  Just try playing a routine of his with the audio muted and play some of your favorite tunes either off your pc, another youtube tab, or whatever.

After doing Manuel's upright segment, I did some of the youtube Malta walk while sitting on a stability ball.
 Using the upper body as my *legs* keeps my heartrate up nicely.  I really like the original soundtrack which inspired all sorts of movements from me while bouncing on a stability ball.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

I'm so Excited

I am so excited, I couldn't even sleep long last night.
At around 11PM, right before going to bed, the brain fog just lifted.  I had almost forgotten what it is like to have a clear head, not having felt this way for as long as I can remember.  One of the reasons I quit my job 17 years ago was because of having concentration problems. Thought it was menopause ....WRONG!

So when I woke up at 3am still with a clear head, I was too excited to return to sleep.  No real aches or pains either and that is with taking a Lipitor last evening.  In spite of being sleep deprived, the brain has stayed clear and I have had tons of energy.  I may eventually stop taking Lipitor but I probably will be taking CoEnzymeQ10 for the rest of my life.

OK back to my daily check-in.
This morning I started with my MUsic added jessicasmithtv Power Interval Walk
Original video
This one is great on the bungee and kept me aerobic throughout.  I even had a couple of anaerobic spikes.

Then I did the warmup from the Older and Much Wiser dvd to which I had added MUsic.   Surprisingly my heartrate stayed aerobic! Finished with some lunging and punching while holding Fitstix to a dvd I never should have bought.  The DVD is *Jay-Lo Fitness Express Workout* and I was the VF guinea pig trying this new dvd instructor Johnny Loper.
Here's my review way back when and remains pretty much the same:

Here's a sample of the music I used with the jessicasmithtv routine

All I can say is I am *Done* with feeling crappy and prefer feeling like the last tune *Happy*

Friday, May 16, 2014

Lipitor and Co Q10

This morning after skipping Lipitor last evening, my knee stiffness and hip twinges felt intensely yesterday are gone.  I have more energy but still alittle brain fog.  Hands are achy but can make fists.  I have been doing alot of research and believe part of my problem has been a Coenzyme Q10 deficiency so will be taking 50 mg twice a day with meals (breakfast and dinner), starting today.  Statins stop the production of this enzyme as well as the production of Cholesterol by the liver.  Less CoQ10 is produced as we age.  I may increase the CoQ10 dose if I ever return to daily Lipitor after my next cholesterol panel results in June.

I has read that the side effects of statins are higher in women and most scripts are based on testing in men. Also the higher doses of statins are less effective as we age and statins taken with food have a longer half-life slowing down their absorption while not affecting their LDL lowering effectiveness.  Several studies have seen comparable positive statin effects in groups taking a statin once a day or every other day.  Many physicians have been prescribing taking Lipitor every other day to avoid skeletal-muscular side effects.

So I was at a crossroads of listening blindly to my doctor who has ignored my complaints of pain and brain fog or becoming more pro-active.  Do I value my daily feeling of well being and quality of life less than that of a possible future cardio event?

Exercise and editing workouts have become my favorite leisure activities.  I much rather have more energy and less pain today than worry about a cardio event in 5 to 20 years.  The leg spasms I had several night ago made me hope for a fatal event instead of having to live with those spasms for the rest of my life.

ETA: This morning I revisited a few of my favorite jessicasmithtv edited files, mostly on the bungee and some on the stability ball.

ETA: I started a nice playlist on youtube for Virtual Walks with music suggestions.

I have received permission to share my file of The Waterfall Walk with Classical MUsic.
My other edited files will remain private.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Waterfalls Virtual Walk

I added music to a virtual walk from one waterfall to another.
The original video without music

*Take a Hike From One Waterfall to Another: Koosah Falls to Sahalie Falls In Oregon*

by  TallSky, J Beer.

(The original photographer  "TallSky, J Beer" has given me permission to share the video file with Classical music!)

Waterfalls MU by POMBarb
Original Photographer TallSky, J Beer

This morning I did the above Waterfall Virtual Walk with Classical Music on the bungee then the ball.  Also did some Surfer Girl Core and a new edited jessicasmithtv video.  I took a Lipitor last night and today I have  joint twinges again but the hands are ok and no headache.  Not as much energy and a bit of brain fog.  Will skip it tonight and see how I feel tomorrow.

ETA: The next time I walk between the Borgata and Harrahs, I plan to video record the scenic walk and create my own virtual walk video :)

I forgot to mention also doing a Zen Cooldown which is a gem.
Here's a sample

However, I cannot remember which of my dvds offered this routine!!!!
Will check my collection later LOL

It's from Z-Box Fitness!
there are also some copies still available from Amazon vendors

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day One of Cutting Back on Lipitor

So I skipped my Lipitor last evening and woke up this morning without brain fog and with no headache.  I have had a headache most mornings and assumed it was caffeine withdrawal.  My hands can make fists, a feat they have found quite challenging lately. I just finished my workout and my joints seemed more agreeable than they had been.  I do plan to take the Lipitor tonight and note any changes if any.

This morning I did a couple of MUsic added to Amy Dixon Exercise TV routines.  I really enjoyed some of the moves and added MUsic.  Here's a sample from the Advanced Bootcamp Body Makeover:

One of several original video links of Amy's Bootcamp Body Makeover Advanced Video:

After Amy, I started revisiting the Surfer Girl routines, using a purple Zumba stick instead of a stability ball for a weighted object.  For some unknown reason, I like these with their original soundtracks LOL  However, I did remove some moves.  Most of the upright moves use the core in the typical Michael Carson style since he choreographed the routines.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


So with older son vacationing in the UK and younger son living in our home 24/7, I escaped to AC for Mother's Day.  For quite awhile now, I have been experiencing increased muscular spasms and bouts of brain fog.  My doctor ignores my symptoms because my lab results are good.  I had requested a VitaminD check in my last set but it wasn't done.

I really didn't move much the first day in AC and had horrible leg and foot spasms that night in spite of taking magnesium and orange juice for potassium.  Thank goodness Arnica gel and night-time Advil gave me relief. The next day I walked about 4 miles and just had my usual aches and pains. Since the intensity of these daily aches and pains obviously were not affected adversely by movement, I am beginning to think maybe Lipitor is responsible for most of my aches and pains and especially, the increase intensity in the form of spasms as well as brain fog episodes.    I know my doctor would never approve so I may try skipping a dose and see if I feel a difference.  Our doctor wanted to put our then 26 year old son on a statin for just borderline high LDL.  Since then our son has brought his level down with improved diet and exercise.

At least the Plantar Fasciitis which sidelined me from my AC walks last summer is just about all gone.  I did a second 4 mile boardwalk walk this morning too :)

ETA:  I also did some videos on my phone in the hotel room including a Qigong stretch, Denise Austin Rhythmic Dance Stretch, and the cardio warmup for Older Wiser and Wonderful.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Faithful Workouts

Even though I have a dvd with Faithful workouts on it, the ones they uploaded online appealed to me more.  However, I find her voice too annoying to enjoy the music so have added my own to them while removing the segments I didn't want.  This morning I did 3 trimmed Faithful routines with my own MUsic and really enjoyed them.  Most cardio was done on the bungee and most resistance used a band.

Here's some samples:

I also did some of an Amy Dixon Exercise TV routine with my own MUsic added.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Great MUsic = Great Workout

This morning I enjoyed all three of these routines with Added MUsic:

First up was the Exercise TV Cardio Blast with Amy Dixon:
Great moves on the bungee and the MUsic I added was perfect.

Then the warmup from the Evolution Cardio Flex DVD:
I liked the looks of this so much on youtube that I traded for the whole DVD.  Not wild about the DVD but so love the WarmUp, especially with added MUsic.

Finished with my 18 minute version of the Faithful 30 minute routine:
Really liked the warmup and cardio more than I expected thanks to the added MUsic.

I also did some of Hamelin's surprise routine but lost interest because very repetitious.
I didn't like this enough to even bother to add my own MUsic

I also tried alittle of a streaming video site *The Gymbox* which has a nice selection of routines but much prefer replacing audio with MUsic.  Some cuing and chatter are annoying to me and some unwanted moves are easy for me to edit out when I add MUsic.

For example, Amy's Cardio Blast becomes

or the Faithful routine becomes

Today's Spark was the 1st part of the Flat Abs Walk from jessicasmithtv
whole original video
However it came alive for me when I replaced the audio like in this sample

Thursday, May 8, 2014


This morning was all Older and Much Wiser with MUsic added.  First I did the warmup then the third cardio combo and cooldown then repeated the third cardio and cooldown with different MUsic.  Then I did the whole strength, balance and stretch routine.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

OMW and BB

This morning I did my MUsic added cardio warmup, combo1 and combo2 from the Older and Much Wiser DVD on the bungee then some Booya BollywoodX sitting on the stability ball.  I was a bit distracted in the earlier part of my workout session and stopped to reorganize equipment and dvds.  I decided I will replace the Cardio Warmup MUsic I had used because the soundtrack had an annoying and distracting occasional loud click.   The moves worked well on the bungee :)
BollywoodX was Booya's freebie yesterday.
I was desperate to get a video file of it to change the audio so actually recorded the video using my LG840.  The MUsic I added made it alot of fun and the moves are repeated enough so I can tweak them and do my tweaked version.

ETA:  I also recorded today's Booya Flex and Flow on my LG840.   I noticed Freemake Video Converter did not convert the whole audio well so tried converting to MP4 with Handbrake with much better results. So now I know to use Handbrake when converting a video file recorded with my LG840!  I wanted to keep the cuing for the Flex and Flow and prefer the replaced MUsic on BollywoodX.

For a spark besides an outdoor walk, I revisited jessicasmithtv Cardio Core Flow but used my video files with replaced audio.  I wound up doing all 25 minutes!  I had posted the original youtube link the other day but forgot to mention my version had been uploaded to my POMBarb Daily Motion channel.
original link:

my replaced MUsic link:
(I use adblock now so ads on youtube and DailyMotion are way less annoying)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Older and Much Wiser DVD

I am so glad I ordered the *Older and Much Wiser* DVD!  Besides having a few new cardio moves, it had hip stretches that really helped my right hip and knee.  My favorite cardio chapter was combo#3 which had a sports theme.  I also liked the cardio warmup and cooldown.   Combos 1 and 2 may be better with MUsic added which I have not yet tried.    However, doing combo #1 without the warmup as a stand alone spark yesterday did make my hip flexors feel tight so I will do the warmup before doing it again.

The wonderful hip stretches were in the strength, balance and Strength Cooldown. The strength was a short and sweet mostly band routine and the balance chapter was quite good.   Even though I want to try everything with MUsic added, I will revisit the original tracks for cuing tips as necessary.

Here is a move I simply loved that started as a joke but actually was a great move for the hips and abs.  Sitting down, we are told to move towards the back of the chair then we are told to move to the front of the chair and so on.  This is like a hip walk I used to do on the floor but never realized it could be done on a chair.  Another great hip strengthening and stretch move was a ski squat.  It is a squat with the hip jutting out to one side then the other.   Another nice stretch was a pelvic tilt but with one leg forward at a time.

Another *No Dread* and *Feel Good* DVD :)
Sure hope Sue Grant gets to use some extra music she had purchased and produces a Wiser and More Wonderful DVD.
(hint ... hint ... hint)

Monday, May 5, 2014


I really enjoyed the routines this morning, mostly because of their MUsic.

First I did Jessica's Cardio Blast which is now private on her jessicasmithtv site.  The original soundtrack was pretty horrible so I had immediately replaced the audio. I had done this one the other day with music added from exercise cds but this morning I did it with new MUsic I had added on the bungee and lurved it!  Then I did OWW Strength Levels3-4 with new MUsic, holding my Fitstix and doing the second half sitting on a stability ball.   There is alot of overlap in the moves from Levels 1-2.  I finished with a couple of Yoga Dances and really liked this one:

(Jessica's Cardio Blast with Exercise CD MUsic was embedded on 5/2.  Email me if you want the newer more recent MUsic)

ETA Spark:
Since my Older and Much Wiser DVD arrived today, I did the cardio warmup as a spark.  I may actually like this dvd more than the 2 OWW DVDs!   Even though the warmup didn't need the cuing, some of the music was quite different.

Spark2:  Just did the first cardio combo which was about 9 minutes.  The moves change more frequently than in the OWW routines but still probably doable without the cuing and more fun with MUsic only.  The warmup done previously was also around 9 minutes.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Old and New

OK my *Older and Much Wiser* DVD is at least in my town post office and may get delivered tomorrow so I dared to start my OWW revisits this morning.

For a warmup, I used the new Power Walk Quickie on jessicasmithtv which I had edited to add MUsic and burned yesterday.  It is  a perfect warmup or spark on the bungee and the MUsic I added was perfect.  Here's a link to the original:

Then I also did the Barre Abs on jessicasmithtv and finally revisited the OWW Strength levels 1-2 to which I had added new MUsic and really enjoyed it.  Totally no dread.  I did hold Fitstix through most of it giving it more of an AWT effect.
Finished with alittle TaeBo Chair with MUsic added.  Billy Blanks apparently has uploaded some free youtube vids:

I was reviewing some old posts and came across a bunch of routines from June 2012 I had liked BEFORE adding MUsic so will be revisiting them.  I also found many youtube videos which had been deleted and had to be removed from my blog posts, reminding me not to rely on youtube.  If I like a video, I should download it!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hate the US Postal System

One reason I much prefer using online content than trading for dvds is our postal system which seems to cost more while delivering packages much slower.

I keep delaying revisiting Older Wiser and Wonderful till I receive the Older and Much Wiser DVD which has been sitting at a DHL Global  facility for over 2 days that is 30 minutes from my home.  Its expected delivery date is 5/20, not 5/2 as it should have been!!!! Why????  I expect to see this package leave NJ and go all over the country before returning to NJ or its replacement taking another month to get to NJ from the comments I have read about Amazon and DHL Global.

So this morning I revisited the edited good MUsic parts of Leslie's Walk to the Hits Party Songs on the bungee then did several short routines.  I especially liked the BeFit FatBurn (Kettlebell) routine with the MUsic I had added and using a purple Zumba stick instead of a kettlebell.
original routine:

I also enjoyed some of Tracy Anderson's XBox cardio with added MUsic on the bungee and stability ball.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Arnica Gel and Jumpsport 550 Pro

Just wanted to remind folks of two wonderful products which have kept me MUving besides my MUsic.  Yesterday, I had a painful twinge near the end of my workout in my right lat.  Arnica gel came to the rescue, removed the pain and it never returned.  In the past, a twinge like this lasted for several days or longer.  This morning my whole right shoulder and arm had twinges.  Arnica gel again came to the rescue.  I realized the huge tube from GNC worked just as well as the other brands and saw I could get 4 tubes half priced so ordered 4 tubes this morning.  At half price, these tubes are cheaper than other brands and have 3 times the content.  Here's the link:

The other day when watching some Bellicon videos online, I cringed at how the mats cloned inwards on each foot.  Then I realized I have been workingout regularly barefooted on my Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline 550F Pro without a Plantar Fasciitis flare.  I am REALLY happy I read about PF and rebounder mats before caving for a Bellicon at twice the price.  The bounce on my 550 is perfect for everything but I can make it even firmer if I wanted to adjust the cords which may happen if they should loosen up down the road.  The cords have a much longer warranty period than the Bellicon cords too. True, the removable screwed on legs need alittle tightening every now and then but since replacing one leg which came loose frequently, I only do alittle tightening about once a week.  That is my only complaint.  Otherwise, it is an amazing product.   It is the perfect size and height for my basement workout area.

This morning I did the rest of my edited Fitstix Fusion files then Jessica's Cardio Blast with MUsic added.  Both were great on the bungee and even the stability ball when taking a break.

I had replaced the music with tracks from an exercise dvd so am sharing the file above.  Unfortunately, I believe the original was removed from jessicasmithtv because of its original music :(

Thursday, May 1, 2014

More Fitstix Fusion

This morning I did more of Fitstix Fusion with added MUsic but this time focused on cardio intervals and having a few anaerobic spikes, mostly on the bungee than I did more moderate intensity bouncing on the stability ball.

Tomorrow I plan to revisit Older Wiser and Wonderful routines for steady state.