Monday, May 5, 2014


I really enjoyed the routines this morning, mostly because of their MUsic.

First I did Jessica's Cardio Blast which is now private on her jessicasmithtv site.  The original soundtrack was pretty horrible so I had immediately replaced the audio. I had done this one the other day with music added from exercise cds but this morning I did it with new MUsic I had added on the bungee and lurved it!  Then I did OWW Strength Levels3-4 with new MUsic, holding my Fitstix and doing the second half sitting on a stability ball.   There is alot of overlap in the moves from Levels 1-2.  I finished with a couple of Yoga Dances and really liked this one:

(Jessica's Cardio Blast with Exercise CD MUsic was embedded on 5/2.  Email me if you want the newer more recent MUsic)

ETA Spark:
Since my Older and Much Wiser DVD arrived today, I did the cardio warmup as a spark.  I may actually like this dvd more than the 2 OWW DVDs!   Even though the warmup didn't need the cuing, some of the music was quite different.

Spark2:  Just did the first cardio combo which was about 9 minutes.  The moves change more frequently than in the OWW routines but still probably doable without the cuing and more fun with MUsic only.  The warmup done previously was also around 9 minutes.

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