Saturday, May 17, 2014

I'm so Excited

I am so excited, I couldn't even sleep long last night.
At around 11PM, right before going to bed, the brain fog just lifted.  I had almost forgotten what it is like to have a clear head, not having felt this way for as long as I can remember.  One of the reasons I quit my job 17 years ago was because of having concentration problems. Thought it was menopause ....WRONG!

So when I woke up at 3am still with a clear head, I was too excited to return to sleep.  No real aches or pains either and that is with taking a Lipitor last evening.  In spite of being sleep deprived, the brain has stayed clear and I have had tons of energy.  I may eventually stop taking Lipitor but I probably will be taking CoEnzymeQ10 for the rest of my life.

OK back to my daily check-in.
This morning I started with my MUsic added jessicasmithtv Power Interval Walk
Original video
This one is great on the bungee and kept me aerobic throughout.  I even had a couple of anaerobic spikes.

Then I did the warmup from the Older and Much Wiser dvd to which I had added MUsic.   Surprisingly my heartrate stayed aerobic! Finished with some lunging and punching while holding Fitstix to a dvd I never should have bought.  The DVD is *Jay-Lo Fitness Express Workout* and I was the VF guinea pig trying this new dvd instructor Johnny Loper.
Here's my review way back when and remains pretty much the same:

Here's a sample of the music I used with the jessicasmithtv routine

All I can say is I am *Done* with feeling crappy and prefer feeling like the last tune *Happy*

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